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Adel Sajan

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Adel Sajan is no stranger to success; he has grown up the scion of the Danube Group, the region’s largest building materials company. With his maiden venture, Danube Home, already going from strength to strength; Adel is poised to take over from his illustrious father, Rizwan Sajan.

Adel Sajan carries the weight of one of Dubai’s most successful businesses on his shoulders. The son of Rizwan Sajan, founder of the Danube Group; Adel has grown up aspiring to be a part of the family business and he is already making great headway with his home interior retail venture, Danube Home.

Adel is a product of Dubai Gems, with a dual degree in Finance and Marketing from the American University of Sharjah. The enigmatic entrepreneur considers the city his hometown and cannot imagine himself anywhere else.

It is refreshing to meet someone who has priorities sorted out at such a young age. He wears his passion for the brand endearingly. For him, it’s all about Danube.

“Since I was a child, I have always dreamt of being a part of the family business. For me, it’s eat, sleep, dream Danube. Everything is about Danube,” he says.

The building materials company has been on an enviable momentum since its inception in 1993, transforming from a small trading firm to a construction institution in the region.

The shoes are clearly not easy to fill but Adel has himself a paragon in his father, Rizwan.

“My father taught me that there is no shortcut to success and work-life balance is very important to lead a happy and, fulfilled life. He has lived a very tough life and has always come out a smiling winner!” he says proudly.

It is no surprise then that his aim 10 years down the line is to fulfill his father’s greatest ambition: For people to recognize him as Adel’s father.

“It is an extremely tough challenge but hopefully, in the next ten years, I can take my retail empire forward which will help me create my own identity,” he says.

The retail empire seems to be closer to reality with its recent successes. Danube Home has 7 retail stores in the region with its biggest flagship showroom located in Sharjah and another flagship store in Saudi Arabia.

Under Adel’s hand, the retail arm will soon explore Indian and African markets in addition to opportunities in fashion, which seems fitting for Adel, who is widely known for his impeccable fashion choices.

“The most important thing is to wear clothes with the right fit, so I get my wardrobe custom made,” he says.

His impressive business acumen and his sharp style are not his only trademarks. He is also one of the most popular bachelors in the city-at least, he may be!

Photography: Sarfaraz Ali