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Adnan Ul Mulk

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muklAdnan Adnan Ul Mulk, the Vice Chairman of Mulk Holdings is someone who loves what he does. He is driven, motivated and has a vision for the future of his company. He has a very clear goal for Mulk Holdings and knows exactly what he wants to do. The same drive and focus is also evident when he is asked about what he looks for in his future partner.

Describe yourself.
I’m someone who is a sports and adrenaline lover. I’ve been playing cricket since I was in school. I like doing extreme sports like skydiving or cliff jumping. I’m just hoping I find someone who has a big heart to join me in all of this.

What do you find most attractive in someone?
I think the initial most important thing is that I need to be attracted to the way she looks. But it’s not just about that. Modesty and a humble nature are of equal importance. Whoever I choose to be with needs to be someone who doesn’t have any vanity or an inflated sense of pride.

ul-mulkWhat are your biggest turn offs?
This is not limited to a future partner, but it’s for every person I meet; I don’t like it when someone has too much pride or arrogance. Another thing that is a big no no is lack of personal hygiene. That really doesn’t work for me.

Your ideal first date.
Dubai in the winter is the place to be. So, I probably want to take her [whoever it is] to one of the best restaurants for her favorite cuisine in the beautiful outdoors. The idea is good food, good conversation and lots of laughter.

What are you looking for in your partner?
I need someone who doesn’t have a grey area. Everything needs to be black or white in her mind, things need to be clear-cut.

What are some of your flaws that you want to warn your partner about?
Sometimes on the weekend, I play cricket and this includes Friday and Saturday, so lack of time might be something. But she is more than welcome to come and watch.

What is a normal weekend like for you?
I usually meet up with some of my school friends and catch up with them about their week. Friday is normally a family day, where we just go out for dinner or just to watch a movie. It’s a simple day for us.