20 Questions

Aiyaz Mitha

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Dubai is a city that celebrates success in ways that are simply extravagant. It is truly a merchant capital. The pecuniary side of the business mogul churns out millions of inches in column space, where every business facet is packaged across various platforms.

But, somewhere in that, the person who made it all happen gets lost.

So, here’s to the person they were before they became the someone we know.

  1. What was the last book you read?
    The Power by Rhonda Byrne
  2. What does your mum call you?
    Aiyaz or Aiyu
  3. Who did you have your first crush on?
    A pretty neighbor and I must admit she was older to me. I was around 9 or 10.
  4. What’s the lie you use most often?
    I lead an exceptionally busy social life and if I need to bail out from one or the other commitment, so I just say I’m tired or I’m travelling.
  5. What was the first car you bought?
    A white Jaguar XJ in 1989
  6. If not Dubai, where?
    London or Mumbai
  7. What do you really want that you don’t have yet?
    An Andy Warhol
  8. Your pet peeve.
    Making a big deal out of nothing
  9. If you were a superhero, you’d be?
    The Phantom
  10. A song that you know from start to finish –
    I did it my way by Frank Sinatra
  11. Ever had long hair?
    Yes, in the early 80’s
  12. Complete ‘once upon a time’…
    There was a beautiful peaceful world.
  13. Favorite comic?
    Richie Rich & Archie
  14. The one thing you will never give up no matter what –
    My zest for life
  15. What was the last thing you bought?
    A Limited Edition Range Rover Sport with all black trims
  16. Which concert would you drop everything to go for?
    Bee Gees or ABBA (if they were still around)
  17. If you were allowed to vandalize something, what would it be?
    I’m not destructive by nature
  18. If you were given a paint can and a wall, what would you graffiti on it?
    The symbol of peace
  19. Ever been whacked? By who?
    Once, by a teacher for pulling a prank on her!
  20. Going out or staying in?
    Definitely going out! Out 5 or 6 nights a week!