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Anika Morjaria

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An aspiring TV host and a full-time YouTuber and vlogger, Anika Morjaria was an absolute delight to work with! A stunning girl, Anika is probably one of the few people who we’ve seen go from one look to the other in a few minutes. As soon as we walked into her spacious home, her infectious vivacious energy had us extremely excited for the shoot ahead. She had already lined up a few outfits but gave us full access to her wardrobe to pick and choose any outfit that we found particularly interesting. A girl who lives her life on a very social platform, Anika is easy to laugh and extremely friendly.


A no nonsense kind of girl, Anika was in and out of several outfits in the span of a few minutes.


She kept switching between a beach outfit, an office look and a casual look with an almost practiced ease.

A personal favorite, this particular outfit was shot while Anika was live on Periscope which is a social media platform that she absolutely loves! With over 90 people watching this shot being taken, Anika didn’t get fazed even for a second. The comments she kept receiving when she was being shot were extremely flattering and why shouldn’t they be?!


Her social media handle @LiterallyAnika is quite quirky but might not immediately seem that way. A stunning girl with a warm disposition, Anika was one of the easiest people to shoot!

Photography: Sarfaraz Ali