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Anika Morjaria

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ankitaAnika Morjaria, who currently creates content on multiple social media platforms for global brands focusing on travel and adventure is as smart and witty as she is beautiful. The platforms include YouTube, Periscope, Instagram, Facrbook, Snapchat and Twitter. She did a campaign with GoPro and is now working with Royal Caribbean. She has also worked with hotels and some fashion brands like American Eagle, as well as media companies like Tastemade. Although she has a degree in Business, she realised early on that travel and entertainment is where her heart truly was. Her love for being in front of the camera opened up many opportunities for TV presenting and she has hosted several popular events, modeling and voice overs in the Middle East. We speak to her about what she looks for in a partner and more.

Describe yourself.
I’m a Gemini and it’s safe to say that I definitely have two sides. I’m sociable, outgoing and a bit of a tomboy. I can do a routine for a few weeks, but then I get bored so I have to switch things up. Having said this, I do have periods of time where I just like to stay in and not be sociable at all. I actually enjoy my own company a lot of the time. I feel my job caters to both these sides; traveling being the sociable part and coming home for a few weeks being my downtime. I am indecisive in nature, which can also cause me to be a little unpredictable. I love meeting new people, experiencing new places and hate to feel restrained in anyway. I also have a big sweet tooth but love health and fitness; there we go with the two sides again!

What do you find most attractive in someone?
Being ambitious is key but I like someone that also doesn’t take themselves too seriously. He should have a good sense of humor, is confident and up for coming on adventures with me.

What are your biggest turn offs?
Like I said, people who take themselves too seriously. I don’t like it when someone talks down to others and I highly dislike those who talk too much about themselves too much with no interest in what anyone else has to say.

malhothraYour idea first date.
I’m not too bothered about the activity or place, as long as I’m interested in the person that is ideal for me.

What are you looking for in a partner?
Someone who takes initiative and who is genuinely interested in my goals (and vice versa!), someone who is confident, kind to others no matter who they are. It is important to be self aware, but it is also okay to let loose sometimes, be silly and forget what people around you think. I like someone who can just be a big kid sometimes!

Your most disastrous date ever.
I’ve not dated many people, so I can honestly say that I’ve never had a disastrous date before.

What are some of your flaws that you would want to warn your partner about?
I get bored easily and I’m indecisive a lot of times. I don’t like fast food, so if we eat out, it has to be healthy!

What is a normal weekend like for you?
It depends where I am, but usually I’d wake up, go workout and spend the whole day editing content from the week or I’d be out shooting content for one of my social media platforms or for a brand.