20 Questions

Anil Taurani

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Anil Taurani heads the illustrious Taurani Holdings Group of companies with his father and brother. He is Chief Executive of KHK Scaffolding and Formwork LLC, a leading manufacturer and trader in the Middle East. With a multinational on his hands and an impressive footprint in the burgeoning steel industry, the warm and soft-spoken Anil has many ambitions in store.

Dubai is a city that celebrates success in ways that are simply extravagant. It is truly a merchant capital.

The pecuniary side of the business mogul churns out millions of inches in column space, where every business facet is packaged across various platforms.

But, somewhere in that, the person who made it all happen gets lost.

So, here’s to the person they were before they became the someone we know

  1. What was the last book you read?
    World Beyond Your Head by Matthew Crawford
  2. When did you make your first million?
    In my twenties
  3. Who did you have your first crush on?
    A girl in high school
  4. What is the lie you use the most often?
    I am busy or I have something to do
  5. What is your favorite possession?
    My two kids
  6. What was the first car you bought?
  7. Describe yourself in one word?
  8. If not Dubai, where?
    The US
  9. What is something that you really want that you don’t have?
    Nothing, I don’t think materialistic things are important in life
  10. What is your pet peeve?
    When people lie
  11. Going out or staying in?
    Going out
  12. Ever owned a motorbike?
    Yes, two motorbikes in college: Honda and Yamasaki
  13. If you were PM for a day, you would?
    Speak to the people on the lower rungs, see the problems they face, and take it from there
  14. What kind of charity would you support?
    Children’s charity
  15. Complete the sentence “once upon a time..”
    I was young and handsome
  16. Complete ‘I am who I am…’
    Because I worked hard
  17. The one thing you will never give up no matter what?
    Hard work
  18. Have you ever failed a subject?
  19. Which concert would you drop everything for?
  20. What or who is the most dialed number on your phone?
    Ezmina, my wife.