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In Her Closet : Anjali Khushalani

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As Kate Spade once said, “Playing dress up begins at the age of five, and never truly ends”. Fashion has always been of great interest to Anjali and that is clearly visible in the effort she put into every selected outfit. With an undergradute degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship from Indiana, she realised that the only thing constant in her life was her love for fashion and passion for detaling in Indian designs. She launched her private label, Anjali K in 2012 with the aim of designing everything from Pret a Porter to Haute Ethnic Couture.

A fabric 

“In the fashion industry, the entire world is your runway. When I think of designing for my clients, what truly entices me is everyday life. I believe that a personalised design can be created from everything around you. This freedom to design and display creativity is what inspires me”.

When we met Anjali, she was dressed casually in a simple kurti and jeans. But it took her less than 10 minutes to slip into the pouffy skirt and crop top that we fell in love with on sigh. The inspiration for that outfit she says, comes from the Renaissance Period which is known to be the era of rebirth and rejuvenation. “I wanted to experiment with an era which was once popular, where the attire were grand in silhouette and elegant when worn”. The fabric used for this particular skirt and top was raw silk and silk satin.


The black gown which is perfect for an elegant, formal affair in the evening came about because of Anjali’s fascination with the Mughal era which was known for it’s long length anarkalis and high necks with embellishments. It is for this reason, that she decided to use a modern silhouette with Indian embroidery. Anjali used georgette with embellishments of Swarosvvki stones for this particular piece.

The white semi formal jacket with embellishments on the breast pocket is a part of the 2015 summer floral collection from Masala Chai Dubai, a sister brand of Anjali K couture.


Photographs by: Sarfaraz Ali Photography

The floral dress is actually from Masala Chai Dubai, which is the sister brand of Anjali K Couture. The brand consists of a ready to wear collection and produces purely western silhouettes. The dress was part of her 2015 summer collection and was inspired by colorful florals. Italian cotton was the main fabric used.