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Bizarre Korean Skincare Products

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I was not allowed to use makeup back when I was in secondary school, but I wore it without paying heed to anyone. I still remember the time when I used to hide lip glosses and chapsticks in my socks; I truly cherished my school days as I was young and carefree. However, I do not encourage young girls who are still teenagers to don several layers of make-up as you need to understand the fact that your skin needs to breathe. Hence, it is mandatory for each and every individual to give their skin a much-needed break. I’ve been experiencing a lot of skin issues as I wear makeup all the time; my skin is not clean or spotless anymore. I now have a lot of bumps on my face even though I wash it 4 times a day; I even cleanse on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, I could not witness any results as I was not giving my skin some space to breathe. We do not have to hide our imperfections on a daily basis; sometimes it’s essential to step out with a bare face.


I was not satisfied with how my skin looked, and all of those pimples and blemishes gave me anxiety. I searched for weeks and discovered that Koreans have flawless skin; most of their skincare products are a bit bizarre, but you ought to try them as they are extremely effective. Insects have certain qualities that are exceptionally beneficial for our skin. Have you ever heard of snail slime? No, I do not want you to stop reading or to feel nauseatic. I ordered a few snail masks a while back as I was desperate for clear skin. The masks that I ordered were from a Korean company called Tosowoong. The idea of applying crushed snails all over your face seems a bit gross, but I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. I purchased a pack of 7 snail masks for $10; I do not mind paying a few bucks for crushed insects. I could gather a couple from the garden myself but thought it would be nice to pay the company. Yes, the masks were full of snail slime but were extremely soothing; they did not smell bad, which was certainly a plus point. I liked the fact that they made my skin soft. They actually managed to minimise my fine lines; I could not believe my eyes, so I ordered a bunch of other products to try.


It’s completely normal to apply snake venom on your face in Korea as it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. I ordered a couple of Jual Pascucci Eco Snake Venom mask sheets and was astonished to see the results. I never thought I’d use a snake mask to minimise the appearance of my fine lines. I could see the difference after a couple of days.


The next company that I tried was Tonymoly; all of their products come in cute packaging. I bought their Pokemon Cheese Firming Cream as I am addicted to Pikachu ever since I was a child. Surprisingly, it worked well for me. Korean skincare products work because they are infused with a bunch of natural ingredients.


Tonymoly and Skinfood are two of the most popular Korean skincare brands. Most of their products are quite expensive but are worth the money. The next product that I tried was a face product called Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm by Tonymoly; I mainly bought it because I liked the packaging. It comes in an egg-shaped container and has plenty of product. I further invested a huge chunk of change in lip and eye masks;


they seem really funny but are good for skin. Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch by Tonymoly is one of my favourites; it hydrates your lips and makes them soft. Moreover, I came across a product called Panda’s Dream Eye Patch by the same brand. It’s basically an eye mask that you need to don overnight as it diminishes dark circles and undereye bags.


The texture of my skin is still bumpy, but I’m constantly purchasing new products to make it better. I am well aware that diet plays an important role, but you ought to pay attention to your skincare routine as well. Make sure you grab a few of your favourite products from or as they ship worldwide. All of my parcels came undamaged, and I was utterly astonished to see how good these products are. Do not expect any product to work like a magic potion, but they definitely made my skin

You do not have to don a mask to cover your imperfections as nobody’s perfect

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