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Carnival by Tresind

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Carnival by Tresind just opened its doors to the public on 3rd September and Saffron as a team was invited to preview the food before the restaurant officially opened. I can honestly say, that everything about Carnival surpassed any and all expectations I might have had before going in.

carnivLocated in the Sky Garden in DIFC, Carnival has been done up beautifully. There is a sense of luxury as soon as you set foot inside the place. With mood lighting, the place is rather spacious but also has a cozy feel to it, which put us right at ease. Without beating around the bush, let me just say this: everyone is extremely hospitable and cooperative at Carnival, right from the lovely girl who greeted us at the door, whose name I didn’t catch, to Sameer who was our server for the evening, to Akshay, who was the manager of our section.

The 14-course chef’s menu that we were given was beautiful, for lack of a better word. It’s art at its finest. Every course was beautifully plated and presented, every dish and its ingredients and the manner in which it was to be consumed was explained in great detail by Sameer. We started with the pumpkin kulcha, which was hands down one of my favorite dishes of the night. What followed was a scrumptious journey that included a course called ‘Life is too short, eat dessert first’, which is basically jalebi chaat, a yogurt mousse with potato and chickpeas.

The ‘Dal Phulka’ is your basic dal, which is served in the form of a cappuccino. That’s enough incentive to have me devour it. The fact that it tastes like my mum’s homemade dal just adds to the overall love I was feeling for the food. While I loved everything about the meal, the dessert was definitely the highlight for me. The dish called ‘Go Bananas’ was essentially toffee panacotta, pie tuile, ilaichi banana ice cream ‘banoffee pie’. It included all of my favorite things in one dish: coffee, ice cream and bananas. How could I not love it?!

We also met with the chef, Himanshu Saini who is as wonderful as he is talented. He personally made sure that all our specific dietary needs were met with. A meal that we thought would be done fairly quick, ended up lasting for nearly four hours and had us all completely satisfied and too stuffed to even move! That’s a stellar recommendation if I ever heard one.