Chants of the Ganges!

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A Travel Photo Story

She’s of the myriad moods. Pristine and clear as she emerges from the Gangotri glacier and adopts and assumes different robes of emotions as she travels across North India till she pours into the Bay of Bengal. At
Varanasi or Benaras the Ganga is at her pious best. Her temple and devotee laden ghats have seen her cleanse people of theirs sins and borne the brunt of her waters being dirtied and polluted. One of the holiest cities of India, Varanasi’s history is inextricably linked to Ganga.

Glimpses from the rich history of the city that sees tourists from all over the world pour by the millions to see the spiritual side of India. The UP Tourism’s Travel Writer’s Conclave included Varanasi in their itirenary and Saffron The Society Insider was invited to cover the holy ghats of the Ganga!

Flights are connected to Varanasi from Dubai via Delhi.