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Meghana Fareed – Drive Master GoGo
1. I’m a certified counsellor and currently studying to be a Life Coach
2. I’ve danced on a moving truck for Shah Rukh Khan
3. I’ve performed in a play with Agha Khan’s daughter
4. I was featured in a fairness cream TV commercial
5. I recently learnt how to do an unassisted pull-up!
6. I was an excellent tabla player in school
7. Kiran Rao is my mum’s first cousin
8. I’m secretly scared of escalators,they petrify me!
9. I nearly got selected to do an item number in a Kannada film
10. I once won a tennis match without even playing!
11. The highest I’ve dead lifted is 70 Kgs 🙂
12. I am a forceps baby and when I was being delivered the forceps hit my right eye and the corner of my right eye still hurts!
13. I can think better when I physically write on paper than when I type on a computer.

Tarun Udasi – Drive Master GoGo
1. I started driving at the age of 12
2. When I was 15, I was majorly crushing on my dance teacher
3. I fell in love for the first time when I was in the 6th standard
4. Out of 25,600 entries, I made it as a finalist for MTV India VJ hunt. I then turned down the job and went back to radio.
5. I failed twice, once in class 8 and then again in class 9.6. I scored distinction in Hindi in 10th standard.7. My first salary was 3000 Rupees, and to celebrate,I bought a pair of shoes worth 3500 Rupees.
8. I surprised the girl I loved (now, my wife), by enrolling at the same university in London where she was studying.
9. I ran away from home and scared my parents into lodging a missing child complaint
10. As a child, when I played gully-cricket, my shots would often break window glasses.11. I woke up one morning to a call from Alia Bhatt
12. My life is: To walk, to fall, to get up and learn, fall again then get up, then walk and learn, just don’t do it at the same place.
13. My house in Dubai is a dharamshala to all my buddies

Karishma Fernandez – Bend It Like City
1. I worked on TV shows while in school.2. I lost 26 kilos after my 1st pregnancy!
3. My grand father was the great Punjabi comedian Baingey Shah.
4. Madhur Bhandarkar is my muh-bola ‘mama’
5. Sanjay Gupta was my neighbour in Mumbai
6. I topped Mumbai University at Masters Degree
7. I have a degree in Biotechnology.
8. I trained in Bharat Natyam and Jiving.
9. I live a smoke-free, alcohol-free and soda-free life!
10. I made Salman Khan go, ‘Wow’, when I hosted the premiere of Jai Ho.
11. I give my daughters the trendiest of haircuts at home!
12. I led the debate team in college.
13. I run a popular blog Keeping Up With Karishma

Malavika Varadan – Breakfast No.1
1. I teach drama to kids on my weekends
2. I wrote for The Hindu under my sister’s name.
3. I got married at 21! Young.. I know.
4. I’m the worst parallel park-er you have ever met.
5. I scored 100% in Economics in my final year6. I learnt to skip at the age of 15 from my grandmother
7. I’m terrible at any ball-related game.
8. I once had a job interviewing convicts in murder cases9. I talked to myself, aloud , for hours till was at least 7 years old.10. I was the voice of the Bangalore Railway station in Bangalore for along time!
11. I ALWAYS read the horoscope in a newspaper or magazine.
12. I sing in band, called Aftermath. We jam once a week.13. I am an advanced level certifieds cuba diver.
13.  I am an advanced level certified scuba diver

Sid – Breakfast No.1
1. Shahrukh Khan and I were in the studying in the same school – in 1982; he was in class 12 , I was in Kindergarden – but same school – St. Columbas New Delhi.2. I was a class topper in Grade 4 – in History.
3. I got my Driving License in India at 16
4. My dad has driven from Kashmir to Kanyakumari at one stretch
5. I am An Automobile Engineer6. I come from a buisness family and is the ONLY one who has a ‘job’.
7. I’m not active on social media8. I cannot talk for more than 2 mins on the phone.9. I take time to open up with people – not that I don’t like you, but it’s because I’m shy
10. I gave my girlfriend (now my wife) history tuitons in class 12 – She failed11. I am not a fan of any kind of adventurous activity
12. Family and Friends come first (Yup, typical dilliwala)
13. You can call me in the middle of the night and I’ll be there.

Lokesh Dharmani – XXL
1. Excel sheets give me a fever.
2. Forms make me dizzy.3. Never smoked. Not even a drag.
4. Never drank. If you don’t count brandy with honey when I was terribly sick at 4.
5. I can smell a bungee jump from a mile. Done7 of them. Went live on air while bungee jumping. TWICE!
6. I love colors. So much that I wear a red and a green shoe.
7. Wrote romantic verses for Archies Greeting cards!
8. Can’t swim. I can drown in a shower.
9. Have slept for two and half days at a stretch.
10. Have stayed awake for 3 days at a stretch.
11. If there is a Ruskin Bond book, I have read it.
12. I love cooking, Lego and studying mapsin that order.
13. I shop every weekend. Ok that’s an exaggeration. Sometimes it’s twice a week.

Tia Singh Khanna – Bajaun Kya
1. My father Shailendra Singh is a playback singer
2. My grand mom hoted AIR shows with Sunil Dutt
3. I won every dance competition till I was 11!
4. I am the creative writer of City 101.6
5. I was initially told that I didn’t have a good enough voice for radio
6. I got activng offer for movies and serials when I was a teenager
7. I LOVE retro music.
8. I LOVE books & I studied both French and English literature.
9. I am influenced by the most evolved people in the world; My mom, my Buas,   my Dadi and my Nani
10. My job at City 1016 is my FIRST and THE ONLY full time job I’ve ever had.
11. I have a mortal phobia of pigeons. Really.
12. I am also the Deputy Programming Director.
13. My banker husband is the complete opposite of me. I have no private life,he hates making anything public.