20 Questions

Deepak Arora

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Deepak Arora, Managing Director of the DRA International Group, has steered his company to staggering heights in the construction industry. With multiple lucrative contracts under his belt and a reputation that precedes him, Deepak Arora shows no signs of stopping anytime soon and is even looking to expand into his motherland.

    When did you make your first million?
  1. What does your mum call you?
  2. Who did you have your first crush on? How old were you at the time?
    Hema Malini and Meryl Streep when I was 16.
  3. What was the first car you bought?
    Peugeot 305 in Nairobi
  4. Describe yourself in one word
    Down to earth
  5. And if your wife described you, she would say?
  6. When you say 5 minutes, how far away are you really?
    40 minutes
  7. If not Dubai, where?
    Los Angeles
  8. What do you really want that you don’t have yet?
    A home in Beverly Hills
  9. What really irritates you?
    Noisy people in a theatre
  10. What’s your worst habit?
    Being over- anxious
  11. If you were a superhero, you would be?
  12. If you were PM for a day, you would?
    Call for an early election and dissolve the assembly
  13. Complete ‘Once upon a time…’
    People were simple and genuine
  14. Ever been whacked? By who?
    Yes, by my school friend Ashok.
  15. Complete ‘I am who I am…’
    Because I never give up
  16. The one thing you will never give up
    My positive attitude
  17. One film dialogue that resonates the most with you
    Main aur meri tanhaai, aksar yeh baatein karte hain… tum hoti toh kaisa hota- Silsila
  18. If you were given a paint can and a wall, what would you graffiti on it?
    Inquilab zindabad!