Dubai Kid Woes

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“Sorry bro, I can’t come to Armani for Friday brunch because my Merc is in the garage”. For you my friends, that is the most accurate description of a Dubai kid in one line. Being a Dubai kid myself, I think I can make such a statement without offending someone, or you know, without getting attacked by someone. One of the biggest issues we Dubai kids face as soon as we hit that golden age of 18 is when we’re going to get our taste of road independence and when we can get our hands on our very own car. I know it sounds like we’re a frivolous lot, but I have to call it like it is, don’t I?

It’s very simple really. Do you want to see a Lamborghini outside the showroom in different colors? Or a Mercedes perhaps? No? How about a BMW? Range Rover? Porsche maybe? Name any big car brand and I can guarantee you this; you will find it parked right outside the American University of Dubai (AUD). All courtesy of Daddy Big Bucks, of course! Now I’m not going to name and shame because that just isn’t my style but if I’m not wrong and I’m usually not, you just realised that you actually know at least one Dubai kid with a fancy car, didn’t you?

And didn’t even get me started on the brand culture running rampant in this city. Sometimes I honestly believe that it is the millennials in Dubai that keeps Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Prada, Gucci and yadda yadda in business. Funny story: I actually know a Dubai kid who walked into the Louis Vuitton showroom in Mall of the Emirates, took a look around and breezed out the door stating very casually that they hadn’t updated their collection from the last time she was in there and that she already had everything in their store. My jaw had, of course hit the floor as soon as I heard these words. I mean, who in their right mind knows what Louis Vuitton’s last collection was?! And to just buy the whole thing out? I mean, I’ve heard that money doesn’t grow on trees, but something about this particular girl makes me believe that it does and that she probably has an entire forest of these trees somewhere. Or maybe, she just has an insanely rich father like a hundred other people I know.

But, say what I may about this breed of children, I am one of them. And for all our faults, we may have inherited the family business or we may have gone out and made a name for ourselves without any help, we still know how to work hard and party harder. What’s life without a little fun? 😉