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Ezmina & Anil Taurani

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Ezminaand Anil Taurani, one of the most dynamic couples of Dubai’s upper crust that we’ve met, share an easy camaraderie that was apparent to us within seconds of meeting them.

They are the proud parents of twins, Kian and Kiara,12, who are not only well-behaved but also well-read and incredibly mature for their age.

Born in India and the oldest of 2 siblings, Anil moved to Dubai when he was 4 years old and has been here for the past 45 years. After graduating from Indian High School, Anil pursued a Bachelors degree in Science with a major in Finance from Indiana University, USA.

Anil heads the illustrious Taurani Holdings Group of Companies with his father and brother. He is the Chief Executive of KHK Scaffolding and Formwork LLC, a leading manufacturer and trader in the Middle East. With a multinational on his hands, and an impressive footprint in the burgeoning steel industry, the warm and soft-spoken Anil has many ambitions in store.

His work ethic though is suprisingly grounded; “My work ethic is to take initiative and have the motivation to get the job done in a reasonable period of time. Having a positive attitude and motivating people is an added value for the business. My life ethic is simple; to be prudent and keep my integrity intact.”.

Born in Kenya and the youngest of 4 siblings, Ezmina’s roots are in Africa. After completing her education and higher education in Kenya, she began working when she was very young. Few years down the line, she went to Canada to finish her business studies. By her own confession, today she is a mother first, and then an entrepreneur.

“When things are not provided on a silver platter, you learn to work hard, be street savvy, to aim high, and be grateful for everything you have because it didn’t come easy”.

She is the owner of Sasha Beauty Salon, which has 6 branches in Dubai and is growing by the day. “I started my business with a shoe string budget but a lot of enthusiasm. I had no idea where it would lead, but whatever it was, I was ready for an adventure. Thanks to Anil’s encouragement that there is no set formula for success, and it
can only be attained through passion and risk taking, I’ve managed to open seven more stores since my first one.”

It’s not all work with the Tauranis though. Their love story is particularly interesting. Anil is a Sindhi, and Ezmina is Aghakhani, which is in itself an unlikely combination. They met at a cricket match in Sharjah and destiny served up a googly.

The Tauranis are a close knit family; warm, fun and enterprising.

L to R: Kiara, Ezmina, Kian and Anil
Photography by:Sarfaraz Ali