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Fall Trends – What to Wear and What to Delete

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The dynamic sisters Shweta and Ruchi Bhatia have one thing in common for sure; their love for fashion. Shweta, a self professed shopaholic also happens to be the Fashion & Beauty Editor at
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It’s time we bid adieu to the sale season and our floral printed clothes need to take a backspace in our cupboards. The fashion runways have declared the incoming of autumn winter. Watching every single runway show from all of the cities has taught us a lot, so here, we rounded up this very comprehensive trend guide to everything you will be seeing, shopping, and wearing in the months to come. But before you plunge into autumn winter shopping sprees, here’s a cheat-sheet to ace the autumn trends- what to keep and what to delete…..

Invest in the (fake) shearling coats: As seen on Freja Beha at the Louis Vuitton fall show, the shabby coat style is here to stay and it’s not going anywhere this winter. If you don’t already own one, it’s time you pick up the exaggerated fuzzy coats.

Delete those flare pants from your wardrobes. They might have been the priced possessions at some point in summer, but it’s time you parted ways with the Seventies trouser style. Welcome the incoming narrow shaped trousers this season.

Invest in the logo bags. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and Dior have all gone head over heels for the larger than life millennial logo again this autumn (well, they’d never gone out of style). Wear yours on your bag, sneakers or ankle booties.

Delete anything that makes you look like you’re going to attend Woodstock and by that we mean ponchos, tasselled boots, headbands or anything that might have fringes. Come on, you don’t want the entire bar to floss their teeth with those fringes on your outfit! This season is all about raising the glam quotient so opt for clubby metallics and Eighties cuts – the style decade that brought disco to life has returned!

Delete the leather shirts. Do yourselves a favour (and us) and hit a pause button on this rock ‘n’ roll style. Make some room for softer fabrics and simpler styles like cotton blouses with bows.
Invest in white high top sneakers! Oh yes, we all reached the saturation point at the thought of wearing white high top sneakers with an all black outfit, but Nicolas Ghesquière isn’t done yet! It was all about the high top sneakers at his Cruise 2016 show and we’re reaching for our Nike Air Force 1′s all over again.

Delete the sportswear. Well, we just said how sporty sneakers are a must have this season, but other than that donate anything neoprene, or zips (for now). For autumn, it’s all about the classier things in life (at least when it comes to our clothes). Look out for opulent embroidery and stately prints, the grander your everyday sartorial choices, the better.

Invest in the geeky supersized retro spectacles. The highly praised “retro” style has never gone out of style. Well, the word “retro” should be banished from the fashion circles, but fashion houses like Gucci and Elsa Peretti can’t get enough of it.

Delete those strappy sandals unless you want to freeze your feet in the fall season. Welcome the kitten heel or the well-known lady loafers. Her stiletto cousin was made famous by Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent and for the past few seasons the shoes has enjoyed its glory, but now it is comfort’s time to shine. This season, designers are proving that a sky-high heel is not the only shoe that can make an outfit cool. Thank (fashion) God for that!

Invest in the ‘Happy Hemlines’ and by that we mean get some flounce hem in your wardrobes. Seriously, look at the Louis Vuitton or Mary Katrantzou skirt and you’d feel it’s smiling at you! This hemline is both flirty and fun at the same time and you could easily take it from office to evening cocktails.

Last but never the least invest in the 50 suits of Grey! Okay, we thought we’d get over with the 50 shades references, but we give up! Monochromatic in grey is pretty much the classiest thing you can do, so take notes Miss Steele(s) across the globe.

INVEST IN: Fake Sheraling coats Logo bags Geeky supersized retro spectacles Happy Hemlines 50 Suits of Grey

DELETE: Flare pants Leather shirts Sportswear Strappy sandals

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