For The Love Of A Macaron…

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If you are a self-confessed, die-hard macaron lover, you will understand the moment. THE moment when you bite into that utterly perfect macaron, and you feel the scrumptious taste touch your palate for the first time. For some, the feeling is indescribable. In a meager attempt to help everyone understand the sensation, few parallels can be drawn. It is akin to feeling the rush that shopaholics experience when they enter a new shop, when CEOs sign a much-awaited deal or when lovers meet for the first time. You may have often heard that the best macarons are available in Europe, specifically Paris. However, given Dubai’s international culture, could you ever doubt, “We’ll always have Paris,” here as well?

When people hear the name Laduree, they often think of lazy Parisian mornings or afternoons spent having brunch or tea at Laduree’s cafe in Champs-Elysees. A luxury French sweet shop, its green and white pattern instantly invokes a feeling of satiation. While the idea of travelling to Paris for this experience may not be a feasible option, you can always do the same in Dubai. Available at Dubai Mall, DIFC and The Beach, the Laduree macarons are not to be missed! They are sure to convert you into a macron lover, if you weren’t one already.

A name that inspires taste and bliss, Pierre Herme is a world-renowned French pastry chef and chocolatier. According to him, “Macarons only weigh a few grams but that’s enough to leave your sense quivering with pleasure.” His macarons are par excellence, and come in a variety of flavours ranging from passion fruit, rose petal, chocolate and butter salted caramel to name a few. You can now try these famous macarons for yourself in Dubai. Pierre Herme is available in Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, just right for when you need a sugar rush during your shopping spree!

Breaking away from all things French, Sprunglis from Switzerland offers delicious treats as well. Macarons that are called Luxemburgerlis are light and simply melt in your mouth, leaving no stone unturned to satisfy the taste buds. Vanilla, caramel, pistachio and raspberry are just a few examples of the flavours offered. Packed in pink and green boxes, the Luxemburgerlis are indulgences that are definitely worth the calories, and more! A Sprungli Boutique and Café can be found in Jumeriah, Dubai.

The word ‘macaron,’ thought to be derived from the Italian language means ‘to crush.’ You will unquestionably be crushing on these little pleasure filled treats, long after you have consumed them as well!

Shachi Saraf