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Photography: Sarfaraz Ali

Photography: Sarfaraz Ali

Chirag Vora is a scion in the true sense of the word; a genuine chip off the old block. His father, Ramesh Vora, is the man behind Bafleh Jewelry, a prominent gold and diamond wholesaler and retailer in the region. Chirag is running into his eighth year in the family business, a keen strategist and an active director who shows no signs of slowing down.
In conversation with Madhurya Manohar

aliChirag Vora is Dubai-bred through and through, having completed his schooling at the Indian High School. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Finance and Marketing from the American University of Sharjah, his educational roots are firmly local. For the Voras, Dubai is more of a home than India.

The young Chirag was witness to his father’s struggles in setting up the business. In fact, their first venture into India was stalled when the Hindu-Muslim riots broke out. They moved back to Dubai, their business kick
starting in 1992, and have been here ever since.

The dynamic between father and son is interesting, an ironic symbiosis between the conservative and the aggressive.

“We make a good working combination. When I want to put my money into 50 projects, he will want to put it into two projects. He says to keep it down, keep it slow and grow steadily. That, I think, is the secret behind our success,” he says.

When Chirag first came into the business, his classroom lessons were of little use—he learned the most behind the counter, spending six months in training. Once he was ready, he dove into the business. He developed the 18-carat line, an extension of the jewelers’ 20- and 21-carat gold lines.

He has a firm idea of what the business will look like ten years down the line—steady growth, nothing extravagant, because that’s what they have always believed in.

When it comes to himself ten years down the line, however, he would just like to be more focused and catalyzing the growth of Bafleh. Focus, he says, is his father’s forte and something that has taken them through turbulent times.

His work mantra, on the other hand, is: Wherever there is a shortfall, fill it in. And he has no qualms about working long hours.

He would also like to take time off to spend with his twin boys—who he sees as eventually splitting responsibility of the retail and the wholesale segments of Bafleh Jewelry.

In his free time, you won’t see him curled up with a book, binge watching TV shows or listening to music. He needs activity and he loves to have fun. Given a moment, he’d rather be out with friends or family. It is also easy to catch him constantly on his phone—it’s what he says is his worst habit.

“Being a Gemini, I feel the need to do two things at once. Even if I am driving, I feel the need to call someone and talk to them. My wife calls my phone my second wife!” he says.