Gifts for ‘The Special Someone’

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Cuore Ferragamo

Cuore Ferragamo


It’s that time of the month again where love is in the air and so is the hustle bustle of buying the best gifts for your loved ones. We all like to believe that we are reasonably hip and proficient in the romance department, but Valentine’s Day is the time to actually put this up. If you are amongst those people who gets wrecked midway on deciding the perfect gift for your partner, then we have a solution for you.

Gift Idea 1

This gorgeous piece has a red heart ‘beating’ on the dial which has two halves that separate and reunite driven by an innovative quartz movement, a patented device designed and manufactured exclusively for Salvatore Ferragamo.

Keep watching this space for more exhilarating gifting ideas for that ‘special someone’ in your life!!