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How To Dress Like A Fashion Blogger?

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Every woman goes through sheer panic while deciding what to wear as she looks at the floor around her that is chock full of rejected options. While we might view tons of #OOTD inspirations on Instagram from our favorite fashion bloggers, we often find it hard to match their style game as they hardly stick to seasonal trends. We all live the fantasy of wanting to look and dress like them and own every piece of clothing they wear. So we thought of looking into the Instagram accounts of a few famous bloggers to bring you the best style tips that will revamp your fashion game! These tips will keep you covered from vacation style all the way to sneaker-friendly outfits.

Vacation Style


Are you planning on a vacation? Don’t worry, we got your back because we know it is always a challenge to decide what to pack for your holiday, as you want to look your best and also be comfortable at the same time. Whitney Scherillo gives us some key vacation inspiration as she pairs her cute jumpsuit with a straw hat and flat Birkenstocks for the perfect laidback look. We suggest you pack these two essentials for your next vacay, as it will enhance any outfit, while keeping you comfortable.

Choker Craze


The latest accessory trend that we have been seeing everywhere is undoubtedly, the Choker. It has surely made its way back into every fashion girl’s accessory closets and everyone seems to be joining the craze. Don’t just want to blend in amongst the midst of black chokers? Well, we have the perfect alternative for you! A high collared neckline can do the same trick for you as it gives you an edge over the classic black choker, while helping you achieve the same sensuous style you are looking for. If you are searching for an unexpected twist, opt for a ruffled neckline like Marianna Hewitt.

Keep it Simple


Contrary to the other style tips we’ve been giving you, we often see bloggers opting for a simple and chic look. It’s not always about going up a notch or trying to always look different. We love how Aimee Song always gets it right with her minimalistic outfits. She always styles her jeans with heels and adds a layer or so to her outfits. Having a lazy day? We suggest you just go with your favorite pair of ripped jeans and style it up with strappy pumps. What is so perfect about this style, is that it requires the least effort and still makes you look great!


Layer Fun


Usually for us living in the Middle East, it can be hard to relate to the concept of layering ourselves in clothes. The heat makes it pretty difficult to wear several layers, but that still doesn’t mean we can’t be a part of the fun. One style tip that we can copy from bloggers is the famous, ‘layer a t-shirt underneath a slip dress look’. This style is perfect for the day and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could also try the outfit at work by wearing it with a shirt instead. Pair the outfit with sneakers for a sporty appearance or just go for a cute pair of ballet flats or espadrilles making it perfect for a lunch date.


Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!


We always see bloggers flaunting their amazing high-end accessories; something that they taught us well is that you can transform your classic style into a trendy one by just wearing the right accessories. We suggest you invest your money this summer on the one accessory we think gets least attention; a belt. Enhance your favorite jeans and t-shirt look by accessorizing it with a double buckle belt giving you the oomph factor you were looking for. We promise these looks will keep you covered all summer and will surely make some faces turn as you achieve the perfect fashion blogger look!

Feminine Twist


One major fashion tip we’ve learnt from bloggers is that it’s all about being ahead of the style game and pairing the right outfits with the perfect shoes. Maybe not the perfect shoes because who would think of pairing their pretty frock with sneakers. You may have a similar piece of clothing as a blogger, but you might still not achieve that unique style you want. We often see bloggers pairing almost any outfit with their funky sneakers that gives them a certain ‘It’ factor. So it’s time to ditch those stilettos and buy you some fun patterned sneakers.anushka-makar

We love this street-style look of an embellished skirt paired with the burgundy sneakers.


Anushka Makar is a graduate from the University of Wollongong in Dubai, Fashion Enthusiast and Former Fashion Blogger at EleganzaDubai