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Interesting Future Technology For Fashion

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Phone-charging jackets and accessories have been out in the market for a while. Last year, Tommy Hilfiger launched a jacket with a small portable battery and solar panels attached to the back, while Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen has a great looking T-shirt that does the same job.

Ping - Charging

2. Ping Dress – Smart Clothing

The Ping Dress is also designed to bring you smartphone and tablet notifications without you having to reach for them. The smart garment features innovative haptic devices that subtly ‘tap’ the wearer’s shoulder when there is a push notification. When a friend comments on a post, when a new email comes in when someone favourites your tweet, or when there is an incoming call, you would not need to have a smartphone or computer with you to know; you will just ‘feel’ it.

3. Color-Changing Fabrics

What’s most exciting about modern color-changing technology is that it’s progressing from a number of different directions, each one built on entirely different scientific principles. They react to environmental changes such as heat and pressure by changing colour and pattern.


4. The Smoke Dress

If you’ve ever been approached unwittingly by a stranger in a club, then the smoke dress may well be the garment for you. The work of Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht, the smoke dress emits a cloud of smoke when it senses an approaching person, thus totally hiding the wearer from view.

5. Digital fitting rooms

It no longer matters if you can’t get to a store before closing time as you can access your favorite stores online. What’s more, the worry about not being able to try something on has evaporated due to the emergence of digital fitting rooms. Take the example of trying on a ring – simply print the digitally coded photo, cut out the image and place it on your finger. By holding your hand in front of the webcam, the programmer’s in-built software will show you what your hand would look like with the real ring.

Moreover, hair dressing salons can now show you a 3D image of a particular hairstyle before you brave the chop, so you need never worry about salon disasters again.