20 Questions

Irfan Izhar

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Dubai is a city that celebrates success in ways that are simply extravagant. It is truly a merchant capital. The pecuniary side of the business mogul churns out millions of inches in column space, where every business facet is packaged across various platforms.

But, somewhere in that, the person who made it all happen gets lost.

So, here’s to the person they were before they became the someone we know.


Irfan Izhar is a Dubai based entrepreneur and a film producer. He has recently been in charge as an Executive Producer to a highly honored movie project, ‘Peacekeepers – A Journey of a Thousand Miles’, which has been screened at the UN Headquarters in the presence of Mr. Ban Ki Moon.

  1. What was the last book you read?
    Javed Akhtar’s ‘Lava’
  2. What does your mum call you?
    My nickname is Babbu
  3. Who did you have your first crush on?
    My class teacher, when I was in the 4th standard.
  4. What’s the lie you use most often?
    ‘I’m not in town, travelling. Next week please’. More often, it’s not a lie.
  5. Describe yourself in one word.
  6. If not Dubai, where?
    Paris, my favorite city.
  7. What do you really want that you don’t have yet?
    A month long vacation with my family.
  8. Your pet peeve.
    Having to wait for food in a restaurant
  9. If you were a superhero, you’d be?
  10. A song that you know from start to finish.
    Yeh kahan aa gaye hum from Silsila.
  11. Ever owned a motorbike?
    Yes. I love bikes! I’ve always had a bike. I have a Harley Davidson right now.
  12. If you were Prime Minister for a day, you would?
    Try to remove corruption from India.
  13. What kind of charity would you support?
    Anything to do with education for girls.
  14. Complete ‘I am who I am…’
    I am a businessman with family values.
  15. Favorite comic.
    Chacha Choudhary
  16. What was the last thing you bought?
    A pair of shoes from Louis Vuitton.
  17. Which concert would you drop everything to go for?
    Guns n Roses
  18. If you were given a paint can and a wall, what would you graffiti on it?
    I will draw a flying bird.
  19. What/who is the most dialed number on your phone?
    My driver
  20. Ever failed a subject?
    No, I was a good student.