It’s Just Two Weeks Away…

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So it’s here again. That fateful day which nearly every guy in the world hates. Valentines Day is almost here. And with that my entire pay cheque for the month has been put on hold for potential ‘gifts’ and ‘dinners’ that need to be planned. The way I understand it, every girl has massive expectations from the guy in her life when it comes to this particular day.

Take my case for example. There is this girl I really like. She is funny, smart and beautiful. But I’m too afraid to make a move before the 14th of the month. Because God forbid, if I do start dating her before Valentine’s Day, then this will probably be the most expensive month of the year for me. So I’m waiting. Patiently, of course. I’m not stupid.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind spending on this girl. But my point is, why is there this insane amount of pressure on us guys to make a grand gesture on this one specific day, even if we’re not in that space with the girl. I JUST realised I like her (romantically I mean), I have no idea if we’re going to be together one year down the line. I don’t know if she’s “the one” and I’d like to be able to get the time to figure that out before I make that sweeping gesture and emptying out my wallet in the process.

Let’s just say that I do decide to make a move before the 14th and end up with a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Let’s do a simple breakdown of how much this ‘grand’ V-Day gesture could potentially cost me, shall we?

First, I’d have to get my car cleaned and refuelled. That’s say AED100 (bear in mind, this is a minimum figure). Then I’d have to get a new shirt because God forbid, I wear something that I’ve worn on another date before, so that would be another AED150 at least. I have to look fancy don’t I! Now, let’s talk flowers and gifts. The Pandora bracelet she’s been eyeing for a month and her favourite flowers would be a total of AED400. We’re already at AED650 and the date hasn’t even started yet!

Next comes the fancy dinner, and yes it has to be fancy, because let’s face it; if it isn’t fancy, I’m going to have to hear about it for as long as I can see into the future. After doing some research, I can say with utmost confidence that the dinner will cost at least AED800 and if you’re going fancier, then you have my sympathies. That’s a total of AED1,450. Because this is a ‘special’ date and I’m expecting some sort of hidden costs that could come up at the last minute (such as, suddenly having to buy her chocolates), I’d have to keep a certain amount aside, for emergencies. Now the total after being rounded off is AED1,700. This is all for ONE DATE!

You think this is bad? I’m working now and I still think it’s too much to spend on one date! It reminds me of this girl I was seeing when I was back in university. She was high maintenance to the point where I had to work jobs just be to be able to afford to take her out on dates. Clearly, that relationship didn’t last. Not that I expected it to, I’m a realist that way. But the trauma I went through during Valentines Day with her is not something I wish to ever relive. Talk about being scarred for life. Which is why now, I truly believe that being expected to make a grand gesture on V-day or Dooms Day, as I call it, is extremely unrealistic; especially when you’re at that point in the relationship where it isn’t even officially a relationship.

My advice: wait till the 15th, at least before you make a move with the girl you like. You don’t know if she’s ‘the one’. Wait till the 15th of the month my friend. That way, you get at least one year until you actually have to celebrate this godforsaken day. And if she’s one of those rare girls whose birthday happens to fall in January, then you are very very lucky. You have the next 11 months to figure out how committed you are to her!

On a side note, I have just been informed by the girl I like, that she doesn’t like Valentines Day. Her exact words were “Are you mad? Why spend on a day which is so commercial? You know it’s just a money making racket for the flower and greeting card industry right? And anyway, why in the world would you want to choose just this one day to make your feelings evident? There are 364 other days in the year. Pick one of those, whenever you feel you’re ready to talk about how I make you feel. But don’t do it on 14th Feb. We’ll be over before we even start”.

This one is a keeper, isn’t she? She’s already one step closer to becoming ‘the one’.

Also, don’t forget. Wait. Only till the 15th. But wait!