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It’s Summertime!

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Shweta-BhatiaShweta Bhatia is a self professed shopaholic and also happens to be the Fashion & Beauty Editor at Femina Middle East. She lives and breathes  fashion

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Every season, I’m often asked what is the trend leaning towards to this time, but during the summers the only question coming my way is on how to feel cooler in this heat. The heat can be a real villain in your fashion fairy tale. Every part of your body is fighting the heat with a vengeance. Your hair get dry and frizzy, your makeup is melting, your clothes are sticking to your body and Mr sweat patches is your new best friend. We bid our beloved winters a tearful goodbye and with a heavy heart welcome the dreaded heat which is only going to mean that playing dress up ain’t going to be easy. Well, challenge accepted! With the soaring temperature, here are some things that you should consider.dress


This has to be my favourite clothing for the summer. The options are endless when it comes to this category. Go for that boho-chic look this season. Prints, pastel shades, long or short lengths, sleeves, sleeveless or the latest off-shoulder, whatever the choice of style, dresses has to be the best option. Again, please stick to the same choice of materials as mentioned for the tops. What you need to be careful for is that while many cotton dresses come in great silhouettes, they tend to be transparent. There is nothing more awkward than a transparent dress. If that is the case, then please invest in a cotton skin coloured inner slip that can make you feel comfortable and enjoy your buy.


Give those leggings a rest! Leggings were originally invented for the cold weathers. Their thick materials ensured that while they would help keep the legs warm, they would also be extremely comfortable. But the leggings became a phenomenal invention for thePants women world over. However, leggings can take a break during this season. As comfortable and flattering they can be, leggings tend to latch on to your skin, not allowing any air to reach you. Many don’t know, but it hinders with the growth of your hair on the legs, not allowing it to grow freely, causing some to have ingrowth problems if worn too often. For this season, try to avoid the leggings and bring back the 70s. The wide legged trouser or the bell bottoms as they are fondly called are back. These are brilliant for the summers as they are practical for the weather and look great as well. Again, steer away from the thick material and play with some prints. You could pair it with a cotton top tied into a knot under your bust to really experience that 70’ s look.


When shopping for tops, keep in mind that the material plays an important role. Even though you may feel that the cut and the color may look good on you, if the material is going to be of silk, lycra or polyester, it can turn even a good day into a highly irritable one. You must choose materials such as linen or cotton mal which will help your skin breathe. Try staying away from tight, skin hugging cuts. During the summer, the skin is constantly looking to break out into sweat and by wearing tight clothes, you aren’t allowing that freely which then internally turns into body breakouts, skin rashes and even bad odor. Opt for more loose cuts and avoid the dark colors. Dark colors absorb more heat making you feel even more warm. Pastels and whites can be your choice making you look and feel cool.



You know that feeling when you have just applied your makeup and you step out of the house and you can feel the sweat trickling down from the scalp, down your face leaving a trail of uneven lines on your face? Yes, you know that feeling. Every woman knows that feeling. The constant touch ups can be exhausting. First rule for the skin during every season but must be emphasized more during the summer. Sunscreen! Please DO NOT leave your premises without a high SPF sunscreen. Consult your dermatologist for the one that suits your skin. Once you have applied your sunscreen, try going for a BB cream instead of your heavy foundations. If you are okay with it, then try not applying any kind of foundation at all and keep it simple. Your skin goes through harsh tests during this heat, so keeping it as natural as it can, will help the skin to breathe, keeping it fresh.


Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with my hair. The heat has to be it’s worst enemy and clearly the winning party when it comes to destroying my hair. What most women don’t know is that the constant use of chemicals in our hair such has hair products and hair colour does more damage to our hair when it is in contact with such extreme heat. You need to give your hair constant hair treatments. This needs to be as often as once a fortnight. Another natural therapy for the hair is to oil them. Whether it’s almond, coconut, olive oil or even better, the mix of all three, the oil nourishes your hair from the roots and contains its strength. Keep it preferably overnight. This is an age old therapy that has never failed. If you can, when you’re out, try covering your hair with a scarf or hat. This will protect your hair from any further damage.