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I’ve had requests for apps that do specific things and this came from a young couple who were expecting a child. They wanted an app that would document everything. The ongoings before the child was born, the trials, tribulations, joys and a lot more. Then, when the child grew up, they wanted to give control of the app to the child so they could document their own memories and add to what the couple had started. Research led me to Jade. Built by parents, for parents, the app came to life when the creator was expecting her own baby. With the ability for both parents to contribute and collaborate, the app is a private journal with memories that won’t fade away. Allowing you to pass it on from one generation to the next, the app is a digital family tree with photographs and letters that will always be yours.


Ankit Lodha is a tech geek. IT and all it contains run through his bloodstream. As the owner of Think Inc., he spends his time taking Apple products apart and putting them back together. Not always with all his hair left on his head. But always successfully. Get in touch with him at @thinkincuae.

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It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Download any QR code reader from your respective App store, open the app, and just point it to the QR code. The code will redirect you to the applications page and you’ll be able to download the app to your smartphone. If you aren’t sure which one to download, we recommend QR code reader and scanner on the Apple App Store or QR Droid Code Scanner on the Google Play Store.