20 Questions

John Abraham

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Dubai is a city that celebrates success in ways that are simply extravagant. It is truly a merchant capital. The pecuniary side of the business mogul churns out millions of inches in column space, where every business facet is packaged across various platforms.

But, somewhere in that, the person who made it all happen gets lost.

So, here’s to the person they were before they became the someone we know.


John Abraham is a well-known Bollywood actor and producer, best known for his work in films like Dhoom, Dostana, Force and Madras Cafe. We caught up with him recently when he was in town to promote his next release, Rocky Handsome. He is as witty as he is good-looking.

  1. What was the last book you read?
    Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  2. When did you make your first million?
    In 2005
  3. Who did you have your first crush on?
    My third grade school teacher. I was about 7.
  4. What’s the lie you use most often?
    I don’t know because I do it so often.
  5. Describe yourself in one word.
  6. If not Mumbai, where?
  7. What do you really want that you don’t have yet?
    Everything! I have nothing!
  8. Your pet peeve.
    People spitting on the road.
  9. Going out or staying in?
    Both. Going out as soon as I go in.
  10. What’s your worst habit?
    I keep nagging. I repeat the same thing again and again.
  11. A song that you know from start to finish.
    Sweet Child of Mine- Guns n Roses
  12. If you were a superhero, you would be?
    Rocky Handsome
  13. Have you ever been tattooed?
    It would be like spray painting the Taj Mahal.
  14. Favorite comic?
    Chacha Chaudhry
  15. Complete ‘Once upon a time…’
    I was young
  16. Complete ‘I am who I am…’
    Because of my parents
  17. The one thing you will never give up no matter what?
    I’ll never give up trying tohelp people.
  18. If you were allowed to vandalise something, what would it be?
    The politicians houses
  19. Which film dialogue resonates the most with you?
    “Go ahead, make my day”
  20. When was the first time you performed for an audience?
    I was about 7 or 8 and I was Mr. YMCA.