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How to read a QR Code:
It’s as simple as 1-2-3. Download any QR code reader from your respective App store, open the app, and just point it to the QR code. The code will redirect you to the applications page and you’ll be able to download the app to your smartphone. If you aren’t sure which one to download, we recommend QR code reader and scanner on the Apple App Store or QR Droid Code Scanner on the Google Play Store.


Ankit Lodha is a tech geek. IT and all it contains run through his bloodstream. As the owner of Think Inc., he spends his time taking Apple products apart and putting them back together. Not always with all his hair left on his head. But always successfully. Get in touch with him at @thinkincuae.

FLOTSM Free on iOS

FLOTSMHas it ever happened that with the hustle and bustle of daily life and getting caught up in the rat race, making simple decisions just stumps you? Things like what color socks to wear, what show to watch, whether or not to go skydiving… ok, maybe not that, but you get my drift. Sometimes it’s something that is holding you back for no valid reason and it seems like either you can’t make up your mind or your brain has given up! If you’re nodding along, FLOTSM is the app you need to get. FLOTSM is an app where you can ask a question and the community on it to just gives you an answer based on the options that you’ve given. The best part is that it is anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about someone giving a biased answer. Simply put, FLOTSM is an app that anonymously gives you opinions on your everyday decisions. Similarly, you can help others as well by giving your expert opinion on things you’re great at. The filter system on the app is pretty good too. It’ll help you find answers that you were looking for from a specific group of people, if that’s what you want to do.


THE DAILY DROP Free on iOS and on the Web

THE-DAILY-DROPIt’s not easy to stay on top of all the new tunes that come out and the guys on the decks keep dropping new tunes every single day! I’m a music enthusiast and am always scouring the net for new EDM tracks but was wasting a lot of time doing it. So, I had to find something that could help me find them easily. That’s when I stumbled upon The Daily Drop. The app is very simple and straightforward in the way that it does the scouring for you. It will find all the tracks that are trending on the web, blogs, forums and social media. These could be tracks from the top DJ’s in the world or even a new kid on the block that has a great future ahead of them. With The Daily Drop you’ll stay on top of all the latest tracks that hit the interweb.

SPHERIFY Free on Android

Photographers have all these lenses for their cameras to make their images look funky and cool. I especially like the one that creates a 360-degree image. But, if you are looking to create images like that, but don’t want to shell out a ton of money for an expensive camera and their corresponding lenses, all you’ll need is your smartphone and the Spherify App. What the app does is it takes the panoramic images that you’ve shot, allows you to edit them to your liking, and then all you’ve got to do is click ‘spherify’ and it will create gorgeous 360 degree images for you. It’s as simple as that! No need to splurge on expensive cameras or lenses when you have technology available that can do it for free!