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Minal & Shika Bodani

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Minal Bodani is clearly the cornerstone of this wonderful family and on meeting her, the reasons are immediately apparent.

With her easy laugh, dry wit and informed conversational skills, she is someone you need to know, if only for the value and warmth she brings to the table.

Her sense of design is prevalent through the entire property as is her quiet confidence and joie de vivre; traits that her beautiful daughter Shika has inherited in spades.

Minal divides her time currently between two projects in Dubai and London that she is in the throes of designing from scratch and if her current home is anything to go by, both properties are primed to be aspirational.

Shika, on the other hand has an entreprenurial streak, one that she has probably inherited from her illustrious father; Hitesh Bodani, the Founder and CEO of Bond Investment Group. She is veritably bursting at the seams with enterprise and confidence, the kind that has its roots in a secure and nurturing background.

Their stunning Emirates Hills home is nowhere close to being overtly ostentatious; it is bereft of the need to fill in corners, lay down carpets, nail things up and hold things down. This is space in the truest sense of the word; tall, wide and sweeping with the most unexpected nooks where every where you look, your eyes are treated to unusual vistas; lights where it seems impossible, outdoors right in the middle of the indoors, depths that unusually reek of height.

Hardly surpising once you meet the residents though. Ecclectic, easy and direct, Minal Bodani in her environment fits. Not one jarring note.

Photography by: Pankaj Shah | www.pankajshah.com