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Mirrativ Free on the Google Play Store

MirrativThis is what you need to get!

Mirrativ is an Android app that allows you to broadcast the screen of your phone and share it with anyone. With the increase in popularity of game streaming, there are a number of apps that have promoted the feature but what makes Mirrativ stand out is that the streaming is not limited to just gameplay. You can share just about anything you are viewing on your phone. Imagine, you’re in a long distance relationship and you want to watch a movie with the person you’re with. All you have to do is use the app to share your screen and you can watch your movie together. Or, has it ever happened that you’re out of town and your parents need help with their phone? They can use the app to share their screen and you can fix the issue for them. Personally, that’s what happens to me all the time and it makes the app a must have for me!


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