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Neetu & Ashok Shewakramani

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Ashok and Neetu Shewakramani, one of the most well-known and well respected couples in Dubai’s upper crust are a force to be reckoned with.

Hailing from the Shewakramani family (a joint family) in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Ashok is someone who is deeply rooted in tradition while having a modern outlook on life. He learnt everything he knows about the textile business at his father’s knee back in Jaipur where textile is the core business. When he moved to Dubai, he realised the need to adapt his business practices and ethics to the working style of the city.

Today, he is the Managing Director of Neeltex International Group of Companies, firmly entrencged in the textile industry. The multifaceted Neetu has also been extremely instrumental in launching TruEagle, their home grown fashion brand and alongside Ashok, she looks after the marketing and social aspects of the brand.

With three amazing boys, Nitesh, Akshay and Aayush, Ashok and Neetu believe in putting family before all else. They both hail from joint families in Rajasthan, which is why the spirit of family is something they cherish and value most. Having similar familial and educational backgrounds has definitely contributed to them being on the same wavelength for almost everything. Theirs is an easy camaraderie that is almost immediately apparent within minutes of meeting this gorgeous couple. They clearly complement each other seamlessly.

His work ethic is simple; never give up, keep going. It is something that is clearly reflected in not just his business but also his very nature. His life ethic is something that comes from his father: honesty.

With a friendly demeanour, Ashok is warm and casual in his conversations. On being asked what he would be doing if he could do anything, he is quick to reply. “I love music. If I wasn’t a businessman, then I would have liked to be a singer, even though I don’t have a very good voice! I would have definitely tried it!”

Also hailing from a joint family, she is originally from the Bherwani family of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. After having studied in a convent school, she proceeded to graduate from Jodhpur University with a degree in Arts. Her creativity is clearly evident in every aspect of her life; from her home to her style and dressing sense.

If given the opportunity to do something else in life, she would still be doing something quite similar to what she does now. Her husband and kids are her priority at all times. “We have a very simple lifestyle, and Ashok and I truly believe in spending quality time with each other”.

The camaraderie between this couple is something to admire; after three children and many blissful years spent together it is no wonder they operate like a well-oiled machine, anticipating each others’ needs before they even come to the surface.

Standing L to R: Ashok, Nitesh and Neetu

Photography by: Sarfaraz Ali