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Nidhi Sethi

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Photography: Sarfaraz AliSix years ago, Nidhi Sethi crystallized her childhood passion for accessories and jewelry into Gemoro. The exclusive jewelry house has since gone from strength to strength with the young entrepreneur at its helm. Nidhi has clearly drawn her spirit and zest from her father, Vipen Sethi, CEO of Landmark, but she is proud to hold her own.

The apple clearly hasn’t fallen from the tree in Nidhi Sethi’s case. The successful jewelry designer is the daughter of Landmark CEO Vipen Sethi and embodies his confidence and ambition with ample style. Although fairly private as a person, she is unabashed about putting her brand Gemoro on the map.

Nidhi is a Dubai kid from a small family; it’s just her younger sister and her parents. The Sethis are Bombay-bred but moved to the Middle East when Nidhi was still young, first living in Bahrain before settling in this cosmopolitan city. She is a product of Emirates International School and the American University of Dubai where she majored in Finance.

Nidhi’s brush with sparkles came early in life. She always loved accessorizing as a child and watching her mother select fine jewelry to match her outfits.

“It always intrigued me how it’s never just the dress that you wear but rather the jewelry that completes your look,” she says.

However, she didn’t fully dive into her passion until much later. Nidhi dabbled in retail for five years before she decided to indulge her entrepreneurial spirit. She explored her interests before finally settling on jewelry. Her first step: A course in gemology in London. Therein, Gemoro, meaning gem gold, was born.

She chose Dubai to set up her business because it is the City of Gold. “In spite of all the competition, there is always demand for jewelry here. Dubai is a trading hub with no taxes and the government is very supportive of businesses,” she says.

Gemoro first opened in JBR and recently launched a store in Mirdif City Center and Nidhi does not plan on stopping there. With Gemoro going from strength to strength, her father’s fingerprint on her entrepreneurship is clear.

Her designs cater to women of all walks of life and are derived both from her extensive traveling as well as her clientele. Apart from her store collections, she also does private designs for clients. And she is quite the hit.

“It was my father who encouraged me to get in to gemology when I first wanted to get into jewelry design. I have learned most of my business skills from him, including attention to detail which I consider the most important quality,” she says.

While Nidhi shares her focused ambition, determination and target-driven process with her father, her father is more of a longterm planner. The young Nidhi prefers to live in the present while keeping the future in mind. Living in the present, however, is not always easy.

She prides herself, however, on being a people’s person and establishing trust and loyalty with her clients. After all, it is vital in her line of work.
Photography: Sarfaraz Ali