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Nitesh Shewakramani

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ShewakramaniYoung, energetic and easy to laugh, Nitesh Shewakramani son of Ashok and Neetu Shewakramani is poised to take his family business to the next level. He is actively involved in TRUEAGLE, the home grown fashion brand that the Shewakramanis are extremely proud of and has big plans to take the enterprise forward with creativity and style.

What is it like working in the family business with your dad? What are the pros and cons?
It is so much fun! Especially considering what my father does! I’ve always been interested in fashion and so to have the opportunity to be in the thick of it, working with the TRUEAGLE brand alongside my father is ideal for me! One of the biggest benefits of being involved in the ever growing fashion world in Dubai is the valuable work experience I’m gaining that will benefit me in the future. And did I mention all the cool, free clothes? (laughs) The only con I would say is that often times Dad and I have opposing views about certain designs of the clothing, but otherwise it’s all good.

If you didn’t have the family business, what would you be doing? Or would you be similarly inclined?
I studied film for the first two years of university so I would have definitely continued to explore the world of cinema as that has been my passion for a while now, especially scriptwriting and cinematography. I’ve always felt more connected to the creative side of the process than the technical.

Your dad’s shoes are huge to fill. Do you find it daunting?
Incredibly huge! Well not literally, only figuratively since my shoe size is reasonably bigger than his! (laughs) But, he is a legend in my eyes and will always be one. There is no doubt that matching up to him is a daunting task, but it’s an enticing challenge for me and one that I fully intend to excel at!

What are a few things you have learnt from your father that influence your work ethic and your personal life?
Dad has been a huge influence in making me the man I am today; he is my mentor, my leader and more importantly, my friend. He truly believes that you can never be wrong when doing the right thing. He continues to teach me that the things that matter most are honesty and chivalry. He stresses on their importance to help me become not just a better person, but also a better son and a better brother. Another notable thing I’ve learnt from him is that constantly committing and working hard will pay off at some point in my life and will pave way for a better future for the family and for myself.

How similar are you to your father and how are you different?
We have been told countless times that our laugh is freakishly similar! Other than that, we are both fun-loving and have always shared similar views about various things. We also bond over the fact that we are the biggest tech nerds in the house!

Photography: Sarfaraz Ali