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Not Coy Anymore!

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Deepika-PadukoneShe’s made our hearts flutter with her role in Tamasha and now her promos of Bajirao Mastani are looking stunning.
Manju Ramanan met the dimpled diva Deepika Padukone in Mumbai and came away bedazzled!

D DAYS OF 2015
This year has been particularly spectacular for Deepika where she has shared screen space with some of the known names of the Hindi film industry ranging from Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan in Piku, with Ranbir Kapoor in Tamasha and the much awaited Bajirao Mastani with Ranveer Singh. She has ruled the cinema scene this year and has been a much revered figure espousing a case for depression and women’s empowerment.

First the confidence that rings the moment she gets up to give me a hug. No longer the shy but friendly Deepika you see but a woman self-assured and confident of herself. A fact reflected in her performances as well. One thing to note about her though, is that she is articulate and yet perfectly guarded. She is the perfect example of someone who has changed for the better and she is glowing!

They are completely different personalities. Ranbir is an actor who internalises. We do read a lot together, but I never see the process before he gives the shot. He’s sitting quietly in one corner, we are chatting, then we give the shot and it’s done. I don’t know what he does in the time we are not together i.e between our reading session
and the shot.

With Ranveer, I observe the process. He needs his music. He’s got the most amazing playlist in the world. He has it for every kind of mood he wants to get into. If he wants to get into an angry mood, then some angry songs will play. For a romantic mood, soft songs will play. And he subjects everyone to that music because he’s getting into that mood. Right from his van to the set, the music follows him everywhere. And he carries that energy. If he wants to feel sad, then he goes into his solitary zone. So they are different in their approach to work. Ranbir keeps to himself, while Ranveer is expressive and is all heart.

I’ve worked with him twice now. I’ve also evolved as a person and understood the craft better than say a couple of years ago. With him, there’s a certain ease now. We have this unsaid understanding between us. There was this look that we found in each other’s eyes that helped us during the shoot. We would look at each other’s eyes and know whether the other person is ready to shoot. The way we were shooting the film, we had to know the scene inside out to perform it. The camera would roll and we had to knock off the entire scene. Every day before the shot was called, we looked at each other and knew whether we were ready or not. If I wasn’t ready, he’d ask Shoojit to do one more rehearsal. Likewise, if I felt that he wanted to rehearse more, I’d ask Shoojit to shoot the next day. We found our timing and connection as actors. It was so organic and unsaid.

In her own words ,”I focus on little things like making time for myself and enjoying some down time. If I’m working 16-18 hours a day, I maximise the remaining six-eight hours. I sleep well. I eat correctly. I enjoy working out. I focus on breathing. It makes me feel good and relaxed. I make it a point to see my family more often. If I can’t travel, I ask them to come here and spend time with me. I keep in touch with my friends. It’s good to have a wholesome balanced life. If you’re looking at longevity, then these things are important”.

It is often assumed that those who belong to the film industry, well, their lives are also up for entertainment. Just because I entertain on screen, it doesn’t mean my life is also entertainment. I understand there’s a certain interest and people want to know. But it’s unfortunate, that an actor’s personal life is used for entertainment. I don’t see it happening with other professionals. I don’t understand why it happens to us.

Professionally, I still see myself working. And on the personal front, I see myself hopefully in a happy and a stable marriage, which is such a rare thing nowadays. I see myself having lots of babies because I simply love kids.