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Nothing To Wear? Think Again

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Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re standing in front of a wardrobe full of clothes and the only thought in your mind is “I’ve got nothing to wear!” How often have you faced this? Well, the answer is right in front of you.

There is not one woman who will not relate to this horrible experience. Mulling over what to wear and not having the right outfit has been the cause of many mini seizures. However, like every technical math sum, even here, the answer is in the problem itself.

First things first, it’s time to awaken those pieces that have been in hibernation for a while nestled somewhere in the back of your wardrobe. Every woman owns a few items that were repeated too often and were made to take an involuntary break. It’s time to rummage through those and you will be surprised to find how many new looks you can put together just with all the items present in front of you.


Mix it up

Do you have striped pants that you haven’t worn since 2011, or a printed jacket that you got a great deal on on your last trip or a dress you bought for your friend’s wedding? Try matching the old with the new to get a great look. It doesn’t matter how whacky you get with your imagination, just ensure that the end product suits your style.




The Denim

One of the very many pieces we all proudly own. The beauty of the denim is that it goes with anything … and I mean absolutely anything. Whether it’s a blouse, shirt or sweater, the denim will never let you down. If you want to go casual, just team up a blouse with the denim and wear it with ballet pumps. If you want to go for a little formal, use that office shirt and heels and it will instantly enhance that look. Use those sneakers with your college jersey and a baseball cap for those day looks.



If you still don’t own a pair of leggings yet, then you’re clearly living under a rock. When attending day brunches and morning meetings, wear it with a crop top or longer top. Whatever the choice of footwear, remember to accessorize it well. Remember that dress which you have outgrown in length? Take it out and pair it with your leggings to give it that retro look. That denim micro mini skirt you got when you were in college? You still have it thinking that the wheel of fashion will turn again? Well don’t wait, wear it with the leggings and bring back the 70s.



The satin jim jams in your wardrobe need to be played around with now. The pyjama look is coming back. Wear them with heels and a nice black jacket and you are ready for a night out.



The New Year resolution you made to get into fitness made you buy those expensive running shoes, which you probably used for three weeks maybe. Stop neglecting them and bring them out. Long skirts, dresses, maxis and even a jumpsuit; sneakers are back and doing the rounds on the streets like never before. Keep the look simple and understated. Let the sneakers stand out.


The Office Pants

One keeps upgrading their work wear. It may be new pants, but let’s face it; old pants really don’t look that old. Take those old pants out and pair them with a new sweater or a top; fold the bottom to try out something different. If you’re in the mood to be experimental, then take a pair of scissors and cut it into shorts. Don’t give it a clean-cut finish if you want to achieve the distressed look.



When in extreme doubt, the little black dress will always come to the rescue. Give a new twist with an old jacket or just pull out that scarf you got at Christmas and tie it into a messy knot around your neck to give it an uplift. The LBD is the only dress that will never let you down. Whether you want to wear it with flats or heels, it will always compliment your entire look.

The Shirt

Any kind of shirt has been a savior in most cases. Versatile and always easily available, the shirt can be styled in many different ways for many occasions. Leave it loose with the sleeves rolled up to give it the casual finish. If you’re feeling brave, then unbutton the last three buttons of the shirt and tie it into a knot. Team it with pants, skirts, shorts or even over a T-Shirt; a shirt is always the way to go.




shweta-bhatiaThis is one bank of items that keeps growing over the years and you can withdraw as much as you want to from it. Take out all those old rings, belts, bracelets and neck chains and bring out the dormant for some fresh air.

At the end of it, your wardrobe is always stocked with apparel that you could always have some use out off. The key is to be patient and creative.

Shweta Bhatia is a self professed shopaholic and also happens to be the Fashion & Beauty Editor at Femina Middle East. She lives and breathes fashion.

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