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Ritu & Deepak Arora

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Ritu and Deepak started small. And somewhere through all the growth, expansion and success, they stayed small. Now that’s a quality that is rare enough to merit comment.

Ritu & Deepak at home were truly a treat to experience. This is a family that is joined in more ways than you can imagine. And the harmony between them is truly aspirational.

Ritu is the clear matriarch of this household; benevolent, generous and encouraging. She talked of the time they started out where she, with her literature degree moved with her young architect husband to far-away Dubai.

When Deepak started out with his own firm, he found the greatest asset at home. Ritu got into the groove of things, juggling multiple roles of mother, wife, acountant, sounding ear et al. It’s only now that the boys have both grown up and work shoulder to shoulder with their father, that Ritu has wound down her role in the firm.

With a focus on design and contstrution, Deepak helms the formidable DRA International Group; one that has a large part to play in the very fabric and skyline of Dubai. That said, he is suprisingly easy and laid back at home. Refreshing to meet an industry mogul who doesn’t wear that tag out of the office.

We really need to add here a small observation we made while shooting this fabulous family. One that truly speaks volumes for the easy companionship this family shares. As we watched the family pose, We saw Deepak’s hand gently rub the back of his youngest son. The fact that his son did not even react to the gesture, spoke volumes about the normalcy of it.

Both boys got married fairly close together and this four-person family grew into six. When asked if Ritu found the adjustment daunting with the quick addition of 2 daughters-in-law into her private space, she looked at us with a smile and said “Not at all!..

I’ve changed nothing! I’ve just continued being the parent” She goes on to inform us that being a mother is what she does best. “I have four children now. And it’s great to finally have girls in the house. They make everything so much livelier”.

With two architects and a civil engineer in this family, it’s no wonder this home is an architectural haven. Everything about this home reflects the family’s love for nature. Right from the architectural scale model of the house and the very house built around it, everything speaks of the easiness of this high-powered couple, where everything is gentle, flowing, organic, lived-in and rooted. It truly feels like home.

Seated L to R: Abhinav & Kismat, Deepak & Ritu
Standing L to R: Raghav & Nikita

Photography by: Pankaj Shah | www.pankajshah.com