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So, who are you?

You’re the woman who might or might not be holding down a full time job, while juggling the home and family. And that’s a 30 hour day, 400 days a year at best. You wear so many hats, most of which you’re not qualified to, but seem to be the only person on hand to wear them; cook, cleaner, nurse, counsellor, nutritionist, driver, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, maths whizz, pharmacist, academic, personal shopper, punching bag. You get the gist.

Now, given that playing all these roles leaves you precious little time for yourself, when asked if you would like to go to the Spa, it sounds like rather a cruel joke. I’m not laughing. I’m sure you’re not either.

And neither is the Speed Room at the SensAsia Urban Spa at The Village, Jumeirah. This British-born brand pioneers the Elemis Biotic technology right here and it’s totally worth the hype!

This is truly revolutionary for all those mums killing time at coffee shops, while their offspring are busy whacking tennis balls, perfecting cartwheels, backstroking across pools, finger-painting themselves silly, pirouetting in tutus, etc.

It’s a precise 30 minutes of bliss. Right from the moment you enter the warm, cosy environs of the Spa, till the time you walk out looking fresh, well-rested and radiant.

The very first thing you notice as you walk in is a fantastic precursor of things to come; the signature scent. A blend of lemongrass and lavender permeates gently through the entire space. Having exchanged my shoes for the Spa slippers and having filled up the questionnaire that would direct the therapist. I was ushered into an almost embryonic room; quiet, dim and infused with the sounds of an Oriental forest. Marjie, my therapist was not only welcoming but extremely competent as well, as the treatment served to illustrate. Once she talked me through the treatment, I was invited to lie back in a chair [that looks a bit like a Lazyboy] where she adjusted the reclination till it was appropriate.

Now, you might have just 30 minutes, but that doesn’t limit the range of the spa treatments on offer in the least. The range of Biotec facials feature a unique fusion of high-potency actives, touch and bio-electric technology and is one of the most results-driven facial programmes SensAsia has launched to date.

The Spa literature specifies that Biotec uses a bespoke mix of microcurrents, ultrasonic and galvanic technology, oxygen infusion, light therapy and powerful hands-on techniques to target a multitude of skin complaints. Needless to say, I was only interested in the hands-on technique, because hey! who doesn’t love a massage!?

Once Marjie got her hands on me, I promptly fell asleep. 30 minutes later, I was gently woken up with skin that looked plump and hydrated. I was then guided into a relaxing room, where I was served their signature gingerlime tea as I lay back and savored the experience. Heaven.

It was the work of a minute to quickly book my next appointment [a 90 minute massage, no less!] immediately.

SensAsia, you’ve earned yourself a fan for life.

Althea Delmas Kaushal