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Shika Bodani

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Shika truly believes in doing what you love. She says she is lucky enough to be already living that motto, and doing something she is truly passionate about. She only wants to strive harder for her goals!

Vivacious, bright and energetic; Shika Bodani is a budding entrepreneur who is the perfect blend of her parents, Minal and Hitesh Bodani. Her father is the Founder and CEO of Bond Investment Group, and has been a huge influence on her life and work ethic. She is veritably bursting at the seams with enterprise and confidence, the kind that has its roots in a secure and nurturing background.

Tell us a bit about your early years.
I’ve spent most of my defining years in Dubai and I’ve absolutely loved every aspect of growing up here! I left
Dubai College and went on to study at King’s College, London and then New York University. I have been extremely fortunate to have spent my university life between my favourite cities- New York and London.

How have your parents influenced your life and work ethic?
My parents are truly my role models. I have them both to thank for shaping me and helping me become the person I am today. They have each given me some of their special, unique attributes. My mum has taught me the virtues of generosity, honesty and kindness. Those who know her, know that she truly exemplifies the meaning of love. She also toughened me up in the process and taught me resilience and confidence. It is her voice, that reminds me everyday, that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

Dad taught me that dedication and perseverance is essential to succeed. I try to emulate his philosophy towards everything I do in life. He really drives me to excellence. I’m truly blessed to be a combination of my two real life heroes.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? What does the future look like for Shika Bodani?
Business is in my blood. I envision myself running a studying at New York University, I began working on a business concept that is currently in its infancy. I plan to launch it by early 2016. I’m truly excited to be finally able
to share this venture, and all I can say is, watch this space for more!

Photography: Sarfaraz Ali