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2015 was all about liquid lipsticks and so is 2016.

Alot of brands including our very own Kylie Jenner came up with their own line of liquid lipsticks. The internet went crazy when Kylie launched her lip kits, and only a few lucky souls were able to get them as they went out of stock in a matter of seconds. A single lip kit costs $30, which is extremely expensive for some people, but she has been working really hard to improve the quality of her products. I don’t particularly mind paying $30 for something that is of good quality. If you watch YouTube, you must be aware that all of the famous beauty gurus rave about these lipsticks all the time. Colourpop launched a phenomenal range of colors this past year and I purchased a few myself. Unfortunately, they did not work for me, and I ended up being extremely disappointed. A lot of people had a good experience with liquids, so I tried a few more by other brands. Here’s a quick round up of what I think are some of the best liquid lipstick brands.Kylie

Kylie Cosmetics

Let’s start off with Kylie Cosmetics. Shall we? I was not in favour of spending too much on a single lipstick. The MAC ones are a lot cheaper, but I had to try a shade or two so I went for Dolce K. The quality of the applicator wasn’t up to the mark, and I dreaded using the lipstick. I thought I had been sent something from the old stock. Fortunately, that was not the case, and Kylie’s customer service happily offered me an exchange. I fell in love the lipstick the moment I opened the box. It smelt nice and was in perfect shape. You ought to try Kylie Cosmetics if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks. You won’t regret investing in those lipsticks.


 fraOfra Cosmetics

Do you know KathleenLights and Manny MUA?
Both of them are my favourite beauty gurus. They recently collaborated with Ofra and came up with their own versions of liquid lipsticks. I am a massive fan of blood red lip colours, and both of these collaborations are a lot different than what I prefer. I was not aware of Ofra until Kathleen announced her collaboration in one of her videos; I couldn’t stop myself from purchasing Kathleen Light’s ‘Havana Nights’ as it’s such a beautiful colour. Furthermore, the colours Manny launched were more on the neutral side with an exception of one; I bought ‘Hypno’ as it’s the darkest shade of all. No matter where your preferences lie, you’d be able to pick a colour or two from the lot as they have a wide variety available on their website. I specifically went for both of these collaborations because I have been following Manny and Kathleen since the beginning, and have learnt so much from their Youtube videos.


Jeffree Star

The next brand that I would like to talk about is called ‘Jeffree Star’ cosmetics. Jeffree is an exmusician and a full-time YouTuber; his beauty skills are commendable. I never paid heed to his brand until it started creating hype all over the internet. I bought 2 of his initial launches and fell in love with them. JSC has gained a lot of success as all of its products are of good quality. The Velour liquid lipstick feels soft on your lips and stays intact for about 6 hours. Jeffree comes out with diverse and crazy collections all the time. ‘Unicorn blood’ and ‘Gemini’ are 2 of my favourite colours out of the lot. I’m definitely going to buy more shades as he has just launched another collection along with a few highlighters called ‘Skin Frosts’. Stop investing in high-end brands and buy a few products from JSC.


Dose of Colours

Dose of Colours is not a new brand and has a lot of different products available in the market. I bought a couple of liquid lipsticks from Dose this past year; I really liked the texture and pigmentation, but couldn’t use them at all as I did not choose the right shades for myself. They deal with a limited amount of colours, so it gets hard for an individual to pick the right ones. I wish they had more colours because the quality of their lipsticks is amazing.



There are only a couple of drugstore brands that make good liquid lipsticks, and NYX is one of them. I bought two different shades from NYX when liquid lipsticks were not a norm. NYX lip creams are mousy in texture and have a decent amount of pigmentation. There are many different colours available in the market, but I own Coppehengen and Transylvania. I am not satisfied with the lasting power because they budge when you eat.


Bourjois Paris

The last brand that I would like to talk about is Bourjois Paris. They came out with a bunch of new liquid lipsticks called ‘Rouge Edition Velvet’ this past year; I own 3 different shades, and I am pleased to announce that they are better than the Kylie ones. Unfortunately, they do not last for hours and leave a stain behind after some time. Bourjois Paris has a wide variety of colours, and the ones I own are called Personne Ne Rouge, Peach Club and Grand Cru.

I trust these brands with all my heart as they provide good quality products. Write to me on the following email address if you have any questions or suggestions: