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nupur-jaisinghaniDubai based womenswear brand, Taller Marmo was founded in 2013 by Riccardo Audisio and Yago Goicoechea who met while studying at Instituto Marangoni in Milan. We speak to them about how they got started, their latest collection and more.

In conversation with Nupur Jaisinghani.

How did the brand some about?
In 2012, one day after university in Milan we were eating a pizza and we started to imagine what a brand would look like if we designed it together, which made us laugh because our style and references in school were completely different! But something in that conversation lit up a curiosity in us because every time we saw each other, it would be the only thing we spoke about, until we decided to drop out of school and start our own brand.

Why the name Taller Marmo?
We wanted something that was not obvious (usually when there are two designers in a brand, it is very common to use their two last names). At the same time, we were not able to do it because Riccardo’s last name is Audisio, mine (Yago) is Goicoechea, so it would be very difficult and long.

So after we did our first collection, we spent 6 months looking for the right name. Being Argentinian, I thought it would be cool to find a word in Spanish so the word Taller (which means workshop) came to my mind easily as my grandfather works in a car workshop and then we were finding the right word that encloses luxury and craftsmanship so we chose Marmo, which is marble in Italian.


Describe your creative process. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Everything starts with the fabrics as they take months to be made because of the intricate design of the jacquards. Then we think about the direction we are going and what we want the collection to look like so we start to look for the right references. Those references are usually related to inspiring women who changed and are changing the world they live or lived in.

Your thoughts on Dubai and its fashion scene?
Dubai is interesting because it is new and fresh. I don’t think there is a proper fashion scene yet but it won’t take too long to appear. Every year a nice number of cool brands are emerging and that’s very good for the industry.

How do you conceptualize your runway shows?
We have long discussions with friends from different creative fields. We start with an initial idea, but we try to
let it go as much as possible and bring fresh ideas from outside. The show is the ‘end’ of the creative process and it has to capture the essence of the collection without being so obvious and boring.

Fashion icon today in your opinion?
Florence Welch from Florence and The Machine

What is your comfort clothing? What would we find you in on a day off?
Yago: Shirt and shorts.
Riccardo: White t-shirt and jeans.

Tell us something about your latest collection.
Resort 2017 is a combination of what we understood the people love from our brand: the loose trousers, the double breast jacket, the kaftans and long sleeved dresses. We wanted to bring together all that in a simple combination so we did all those pieces in striped poplin and we mixed it with a jacquard that we developed in Como, Italy from an illustration made in 1581 by Nakkas Osman, chief miniaturist of the Ottoman Empire during the XVI century.

Flash forward a decade; where do you see yourself and the brand?
In 10 years, we hope to gather a worldwide niche of strong women in love with pieces made with an excellent craftsmanship and high quality materials.