The Cinderella Story

The Cinderella Story

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Jigna Shiju

Jigna Shiju is a finance personnel working for a high-end fashion retail outlet in Dubai. She is a lifestyle blogger cum model by profession and believes that each of us has every right to live a beautiful life and believes in the mantra “Glam Your Life”. Her style statement is to be comfortable and confident; to be simple, yet sophisticated and elegant.


Pooja Mankani

Born and raised in an affluent Punjabi family and having seen challenging times, Pooja Mankani is a chartered accountant by profession and has now evolved into a fashion designer with her label Ankriya Couture. Her clientele is not limited to the UAE and has organically reached India, America and Saudi Arabia. Her design philosophy is simple and one that differentiates her from others; she believes that ‘anybody can be fashionable with any body’ and she has excelled at the art of working on the perfect design style for any body shape and her clothes are fashionable, yet affordable.


Christina Thuli

Christina Thuli is a professional hair and make up stylist with an experience of over 10 years. She runs her own salon by the name of ‘Lordz & Ladies’ and believes that staying positive makes a big difference in your life.


Jacquelyn Adormeo

Jacquelyn Merano Adormeo is a certified make up professional with nine years of experience in the industry as a professional makeup artist, hair stylist and beauty consultant. She is an ace makeup professional specializing in all kinds of makeup, especially bridal, theater, model look etc. Jacquelyn believes that make up enhances our natural beauty therefore boosting our self-confidence.



Flormar, owned by the French group Yves Rocher was born in 1970s in the city of Milan of Italy and carried all its production to Turkey in the 1972s starting a 40 year adventure.


Flormar presents hundreds of different products to every customer need. According to market research, Flormar is a very well-known and trusted domestic cosmetic brand. Flormar is retailed in over 650 stores.

Look 1 – Smoky Night

The Prep:
Jacquelyn started with the Flormar Illuminating Primer as the base to have a smooth effect followed by the Matte Touch Foundation M 314 for a matte look.


The Face:
She chose the pink color in Camouflage Palette Concealer to neutralize the dark circles followed by Full Coverage 02 Concealer to fill the wrinkles and hydrate the eye area. To set in the foundation and concealer, she used a wet and dry compact Powder W06 for a velvety smooth finish followed by Bronzing Face & Body to contour and emphasize the good shadows. To warm up the face, she used the Terracotta Blush 44.


The Eyes:
On the eyes, she chose the pretty Compact Quartet Eyeshadow P41 with intense vibrant colors that also matched the outfit. To darken and give a smokey eye effect, she used Matte Mono Eyeshadow M11 followed by the Gel Liner 01 and Too Volume Mascara Black and for the eyebrows: Primer and Eyebrow Shadow 04. For the lips, she chose nude colors; The Lipliner 202 and Cashmere Liptick Stylo Dc 33.


The choice of fabric is intrinsic to this design. An ancient fabric, pure brocade golden silk is an ornate shuttle-woven fabric with its history intertwined to that of nobility and the ilk from Byzantine times.


The colour gold is a symbol of illumination, courage, passion, magic, wisdome, love and compassion. Both the latter qualities are the very embodiments of the Ramadan season and ties in beautifully with the present.

Since both the highly stylised dhoti pants as well as the box-pleated brocade blouse are, in essence separates, they can be worn separately, paired with other composites to seamlessly adhere to varying dress codes across a multitude of events. A truly versatile composition.

Inspiration is everything. The outfit has been singularly inspired by the holy month of Ramadan. Everything about the design was created to allow for its suitability across various ethnicities, like Arab, Indian and Pakistani.


The gold detailing on the pants elevate it from street to high fashion; ornate, yet understated.

Pooja Mankani pays great attention to occassion and with this outfit she has managed to bridge ethnic groups and events seamlessly.

Look 2 – Semi-Geisha

The Prep:
For the Semi-Geisha look, Jacquelyn started with a Primer followed by BB White Cream 01 to illuminate and to have a whitening effect, which corrects, conceals and smoothens the face perfectly to achieve geisha face texture.


The Face:
She layered her skin with Perfect Coverage Foundation 115 and the Perfect Coverage Liquid Concealer 01 that minimizes the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. To set in the foundation and concealer in place, she used Compact Powder 88 for flawless complexion and Terracotta Powder to have a little shine and smooth finish. She used just a little bit of the Pretty Compact Blush On P11 to maintain the geisha look.

makeup hair

The Eyes:
On the eyes, she put a crease using the mid color of Color Palette 06 and made the eyes intense with the Miracle Eye Liner Pen. For the brows, Brow Liner Pen 05 was used.


The Lips:
Lastly for the lips, she chose Lip Liner 218 and Revolution Lipstick R13 and finished with the Make Up Fix Spray.