The Cinderella Story

The Cinderella Story

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Reshu Malhotra

Reshu is a well-known beauty blogger and make up artist based in Dubai. She has over a decade’s worth of experience in the beauty industry as she has worked for fashion shows, television shows, films and commercials.

pooja-mankaniPooja Mankani

Pooja Mankani is trained, talented and rooted. She has a solid educational background in design and construction. She works primarily on Indo-Fusion because she loves the natural vibrancy Indian fabric lends to a design. While, the colour palette is an automatic frontrunner, fabric is a close second. She sources her fabrics from all over the world, including little bespoke textile operations in India. For this Cinderella though, she demonstrate sublimely, her versatility with non-traditional design. Right from the colour, to the fabric to its very construction, the gown is ethereal.


Megha Rao

A certified make up professional from Mumbai Institute, Megha has hands-on experience of over 15 years in the make up industry. She is a specialist in the application of various types of make-up and also takes pride in training new talent. She has been associated with Prestige Cosmetics for the past five years and has been a part of various fairs, shoots, fashion shows, makeover events and various make up workshops.

Prestige Cosmetics
Prestige Cosmetics is present across the globe in 46 countries and as a leader in its class, it remains at the forefront of innovation in terms of beauty and cosmetics, with its advanced formulas and superior quality. Prestige Makeup offers a wade range of beauty products to enhance every woman’s face, eyes, lips and hands. The brand offers high quality, long-lasting avant-garde makeup formulated to last all day without touch-ups. Dermatologically tested and boasting high quality pigments, Prestige has developed a make up range full of color- tonal eye shadow palettes, vibrant long lasting-eyeliners, revolutionary mascaras, high shine lip-gloss and just about every other makeup essential.


Exquisite Beauty Stores
Exquisite prides itself as one of the top luxury retailer in the cosmetics and fragrance industry. All Prestige products can be found at any of the 19-standalone Exquisite stores in locations such as Al Barsha Mall and Ghurair Center.


The Foundation

Megha, the makeup artist started with the Face Primer that minimizes skin imperfections and results in smooth and silky skin. She applied it onto Reshu’s face just after the face cream and prior to starting with the make up. The Skin Perfection Full Coverage Foundation and Perfect Skin Waterproof Concealer were then used for a natural coverage that has a long lasting innovative formula and boasts of vitamin E, which prevents the skin from drying. This was followed by the Compact Foundation that provides dual coverage for all skin types and has a velvet and light touch if used dry and is fragrance free.


The Eyes

The Eyeshadow Palette Matte Nude was used as a base for the eyes since it has a smooth and velvet, matte finish for an intense and sophisticated look. Since it was important to have color that blends easily, the Eyeshadow Bar was used which has a mix of matte and luminous finish for different shades and helps create precious light effects. The Line Artiste Liquid Eyeliner was then used for an intense and seductive look as it has a quick dry and waterproof texture. The ultra fine tip works great for artist lines and does not fade. The Total Intensity Eyeliner and Ultra Precision Slim Eyeliner Pencils were also used for extra precision and for a deep matte black line.


The Eyelashes

The lashes were coated with the Doll Lashes 2 in 1 mascara as the texture grants a volume effect and works as the perfect base for a fabulous lash effect. The innovative formula also gives high definition and a beautiful lengthening effect. This was followed by the Silver & Gold Brow Pencil because of its high performing texture and its immediate, intense color.

The Conturing

The Prestige Contouring kit was then used to make sure that the face features remain uniform. They were perfect to define Reshu’s face by creating light shadows to sculpt and shape the facial features and cover any defects and highlight the strengths. The Blush compact was then used for a creamy and velvet effect for luminous and smooth skin. The Luminizer was then applied for a healthy summer glow!


The Lips

The Classic Waterproof Lip Liner was applied on the lips because of its long lasting and no smudge formula. This was followed by the Luminous Lipstick, which is highly sensorial and comfortable, with spherical powders for an extremely smooth and easy application. The argan oil and shea butter give the lips a pure and bright finish.

The entire makeup was done using make up brushes that are specific to areas of the face that make for precise application for a stunning overall effect.


A Study in Lilac

While the dress is designed to flow in an unbroken vein, there is definite construction and detailing ensconced within.

The lilac gown starts at its demure neckline with a sculptured dropwaist bodice, that besides being classically fitted, ends at a formflattering length.


The bodice itself is softened by an overlay of lavender lace with sequins woven in, which creates a two-toned

The detailing really comes into play with the precision cutting of the swathes of lilac net, all of which is neatly cinched into the seam at the base of the bodice.

The desginer’s true mastery however, is on display when one actually experiences the ethreal fall and spread of the dress, without any of the ensuing bulk one would expect.

The dress is designed to make an entrance and then be comfortable enough to dance the night away.

The Dubai Season is offically open and all you’re going to need is your dancing shoes.