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The First Date

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A survivors’ guide to the single life in Dubai

The last time I got set up on a date, it was because of Tinder and needless to say, it was a disaster! In fact, all of them were. This time, it was set up by my mum. I expected it to be no different. There is a saying, that a woman always wants a guy who’s like her father. In most cases, fathers are chosen by the mothers, which would make you think that your mother and you would have almost the same taste in men. The saying holds true to me, but the numerous dates that I have been set up on by my mother, have made me question a lot of things. All right, let’s go over the men she has set me up with. There was the doctor who was also a kleptomaniac. The electrical engineer who had breath that destroyed my olfaction. The textile businessman who thought women should never have a career as it makes them bad wives. To sum it all, utter nightmares. Now, she had fixed me up with an investment banker. I wasn’t very sure about this date, but try reasoning it out with my mum.

I arrived at the restaurant, which happened to one of my favorites. I was extremely nervous. Even though, my mum set it up and even though, I doubted her choice, it was still a first date. We hadn’t spoken at all. Our respective mothers had liaised and informed us of the place and time individually. As soon as I entered, the maitre’d ushered me to my table. He had already arrived. While I walked to the table, I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was.

His face was chiseled like he had stepped out of a Mills and Boons novel. He stood up to greet me and to my surprise, he was tall. And this is after my Valentino heels. That is a big plus point. Now I was really nervous. I wondered what he thought of me. I wondered if I looked all right to him. I wondered if my choice of outfit was good enough.

“So this is not awkward at all”, he started the conversation.

“Nope, not at all,” I said, “I’ve been on a couple of these now”

“How’d that work out for you?” he smiled raising his one eyebrow.

Oh my word, he was so good looking.

“Fabulous,” I said, “This meeting is only because there was nothing good on TV” Oh gosh, was that too rude?

He laughed aloud. He didn’t seem to be offended by my comment. My date, which I had decided wouldn’t stretch for more than an hour, went on for two and half hours. I had a great time. He was funny, good-looking, smart and so much fun to talk to.

Oh my word! Did that mean my mum had actually found the right match?
I hadn’t had such a good time in a while now. I thought that this particular species of men had become extinct.

There had to be a catch. What could be the catch? Was he that great?
Wait, this was the first meeting. Maybe, he was putting up a good first impression. But I was intrigued. So so intrigued. I felt like the school girl who was just been noticed by the most popular boy in school. He walked me to my car and opened the door for me. 10 Points. We ended the meeting by saying that had a great time and that we should plan something soon. Wait. He never said that he’ll call. Oh man! Now what? Am I supposed to wait for that call or should I call myself? What would be a good enough time period before you fix the second date? How long should I wait to call back? Should I call back at all? Should I text instead? Will it look too desperate? Maybe not…maybe he will appreciate me taking charge? Maybe…

Beep! Beep! It’s a message on my phone. It’s from him!

‘Hi, I really had a good time today and you were absolutely beautiful. But here’s the thing. I don’t think that two and a half hours can help you figure out if I’m an axe murderer or not. I think you need to investigate further. Also, this way you will be able to challenge yourself as a journalist and can add that to your life/work experience…whatever that is. So, this weekend? Dinner and dancing? I can have the dinner, you can do the dancing. Ha! Just kidding. Can’t wait to see you. Good night lovely xx’

I was completely smitten! I knew what I had to do first. I picked up the phone and dialed the number. It was ringing for the longest time and finally answered, I didn’t wait for the greeting. “Hello? Mum? I have to tell you about today….”