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Being business people and handling young children can be a taxing process. Ask any 9-5 working parents and they will vouch how difficult it is in this day and age to be there for your children 24×7.

Boman and Perizaad both love nature and that is what Boman gives to his clients as well. “We take pride in saying that we understand residential development and we believe that we will always continue to provide families a fabulous home, which will allow them to live, grow and continue to enjoy the environment. We provide all child-centric facilities and family-related facilities to our home buyers,” says Boman Irani, who revels in his role as a father.

This is evidenced mid-way through the shoot at Rustomjee Elements in Upper Juhu, as their children, daughter Zaha (8) and son Zayaan (6) storm into the house for the shoot after school. “Where is daddy?” they both scream as they rush into the bedroom to find their ‘man’ who is between changes.

It’s Perizaad, President Marketing, Zorabian Chicken who swung this shoot at short notice for Saffron – The Society Insider. The vibrant, energetic and gorgeous lady agreed to open her doors to their vast property in Upper Juhu, the next big address for High Society in Mumbai. As we walk into their sprawling mansion-like property, Ram Bherwani and his team, quickly get into the act of positioning the lights while hair-dresser Sheetal Khan and make-up man Virendra, too, get busy.

Boman, Chairman and Managing Director of Rustomjee Group,and the driving force behind the success story of ‘Rustomjee’ strides in a little later. What strikes you about the man is the energy that he brings in. This energy cannot be separated from the source that comes from up above. When you have humility as an add-on to tag to your energy, success is inevitable. Saffron Media gives you a taste of both worlds: Zorabian as well as Rustomjee.

Welcome to the world of the Iranis!


Perizaad Zorabian- Irani


Perizaad is a multi-talented individual with a resume that is diverse and varied. She’s a Mumbai University Gold Medalist, a trained Western Classical Ballet Dancer, an MBA with a specialization in Marketing and Advertising from Baruch University New York and a trained actor from Lee Strasberg New York.

We all know her as an actor who has created a unique niche for herself in offbeat independent cinema with hits like Nagesh Kukunoor’s ‘Bollywood Calling’, Mahesh Dattani’s ‘Morning Raga’, Apoorva Lakhia’s ‘Ek Ajnabee’ and most still remember her as Jenny from Subhash Ghai’s ‘Joggers Park’.


On her role in Zorabian Chicken: I wanted to see Zorabian move away from being just a commodity and my dream has always been to create a connect with the consumer. My role in Zorabian is President, Marketing,and I solely overlook Zorabian Sales and Marketing. My younger brother Shazaad is my boss and the CEO of Zorabian. He overlooks the entire operation of Zorabian and is the visionary whose commitment towards quality has made Zorabian a brand to reckon with. My older brother, Sohrab, who runs a catering unit of his own called ‘Cheron’ will be the man who will run Zorabian’s Chain of Quick Service Restaurants, which we plan to open shortly.


My father, Khoram Zorabian is the Managing Director of Zorabian and the pillar of strength who has given Sohrab, Shazaad and me the freedom and confidence to carve a very unique path for Zorabian.

On the changes she has brought into brand Zorabian: We were very focused towards making Zorabian a household brand. Being a home-maker and a working professional, I realized the importance of convenience and quality. So I obsessed about my work and making sure that quality is never compromised.


Boman Irani

Boman is a first generation real estate developer and an entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience and knowledge of the industry. He has coupled business acumen with international exposure to put to use powerful and very successful strategies. Having founded the Rustomjee Group in 1996, the company has evolved as one of the most sought after and respected real estate companies in Mumbai. It was also one of the first real estate firms to receive an ISO 9001 certification in 2001 and they have now upgraded to ISO 9001:2008.

Two things are closest to his heart: “Homes for All” and “Making Education a Priority”.

Rustomjee is all about being thoughtful. Our tagline itself is “It’s thoughtful, It’s Rustomjee”. Our idea is to provide all child-centric facilities and family-related facilities to our home buyers. We don’t have a Pan India presence. I believe Real Estate is a very local business. It is being able to feel the people’s requirement rather than just knowing technically what is required. Towards this I would say that those Mumbaikars who want to purchase a home will always look at Rustomjee first, from the point of view of being able to trust the brand and on the promises being maintained. More importantly, Rustomjee is across the entire rainbow spectrum. We have homes close to INR 22-25 lakh, all inclusive, to INR 22-25 Crores.

We are doing a 217-acre layout in Virar where we are building 20,000 homes besides doing 10.5 kms of road, and one of the largest STP plants. We have a zero waste disposal, we have a Club House that is as big… or I should say it the other way round… The CCI (Cricket Club of India) is slightly smaller than our Club House that will be launched on October 22, 2015. It is 1.5 lakh sq. ft. of built-up area which is available for the residents. We are also building two schools and an entire Yazoo park which is about 12 acres of in-city entertainment for people here.

Apart from this, we are also doing a 127-acre layout in Thane which is called Urbania. Here, we have 12,000 apartments. We have completed more than 50 per cent of the work in all these projects. Besides this, we do redevelopment in the city of Mumbai. From Bandra upto Borivali, most of the redevelopments are being done by us.

I had explored the Dubai market before the crash. I found it pretty interesting, but because our local commitments kept us going we did not really go there. But if there was ever a time that I decide to go abroad, Dubai would definitely be the market I’d go to. And the reason I’d go to Dubai is because Dubai has an extremely well set out real estate development policy. They have good longterm plans and they have great infrastructure.


ON HOW SHE AND BOMAN MAKE TIME FOR THE KIDS: Boman and I are very committed parents. Boman works longer hours than I do but once I come home my focus is only my children. I enjoy taking their work because both Boman and I have been very focused on academics. Nothing gives me more happiness than reading my kids a story and putting them to bed. After a long challenging day at work, my time with my kids is my biggest stress buster.

Boman never brings any work pressure home and that’s what is so amazing about him. The initial years of Zorabian were very challenging for me and I used to get all the stress of work home. It has been four years now and we have a team in place. The challenges still exist but I have learnt to disconnect from work once I get home.

ON MARRIAGE, CHILDREN AND CHANGES: Marriage has made me look beyond me, myself and I have learnt how to love unconditionally. My children have made my life complete. Boman has brought tremendous changes in me as a person. He has centered me. He has made me calmer. He believes in me much more than I believe in myself. He is so much more than my husband and the father of my children. He is my best friend and soulmate! My children have rocked my world.


ON HOW HE AND PERIZAAD MAKE TIME FOR THE KIDS: Every morning we spend one hour with them. And Perizaad is home by 5.30 no matter what the work pressure. As for me, I’m more of a morning and a weekend dad. I try to not travel on weekends and I try and spend as much time as possible with them whether it is on the farm swimming, canoeing in the lake or just teaching them how to climb trees. And when we go on holidays, I am a full time daddy. I do nothing else. I have no interest in anything else than in spending time with my kids.

ON MAINTAINING STRESS LEVELS: Actually there is no need to stress. If you can set your goals, set your limits and continue to do what is right at all points in time. It’s very important to take short breaks with the family rather than long breaks. The weekends recharge me entirely. I read a lot. I try to read as many business books or books on spirituality as possible. I am a big follower of Robin Sharma.

ON HIS FITNESS REGIMEN: I’ve been practicing martial arts (Goju-Ryu Karate) for the last 25 years. I started off with Sensei Pervez Mistry and after I got my black belt, I started training with Jagdish Chavda. He has been my regular coach for the last 20 years and he comes home thrice a week. We mostly do freehand exercises. I believe in a very simple mantra, eat less because you really don’t need too much food and stay focused in terms of what you do. And yes, try to walk everywhere. In my building, I avoid the lift; I only use the stairway. Eight floors of my building is a climb every single day.


The Fine Art Of Balance


When you wake up in the morning to get to work, the children are asleep. When you return from work, the children are asleep! So where is the time then to invest in the precious growing-up years of a child when he or she needs you the most? This is the tragic life story of most Mumbai and global parents.

However, Perizaad Zorabian-Irani and Boman Irani have struck a fine balance between business and home. After all, brand Rustomjee boasts of ‘calling you back to your childhood’.

What you believe in comes across in your dealings, be it at the family level or at the business end. Wanting a children-friendly and family-centric environment is one of the core desires of Rustomjee, and Boman Irani has a huge share of contribution on the home front as well.

“Every morning we spend one hour with the children and Perizaad is home by 5.30pm no matter what the work pressure. She’s always there for those four hours of the kids staying awake between 5.30 and 9.00pm when they go to sleep,” informs Boman, whose brand has a giant presence in the city of Mumbai and Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) Region.

Perizaad nods in agreement saying, “We are very committed parents. We do have hectic work schedules but our time with our children is non-negotiable. Once I come home, my focus is only my children.”



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