The Rise of The Web Diva

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I hate that the Internet has made stupid people famous.

Now, here’s the problem with my statement. It isn’t the Internet that made them famous. And they’re not really stupid, because all they did was capitalise on a reaction from the common masses. I mean, in the end, they figured out how to make money without actually having to do anything. Which basically makes them famous for being famous. So, in essence, it is people that are stupid. And that is why I hate them.

But, why is it that people are stupid? It is because we are now so involved in another’s life that we have become voyeuristic as a whole. We have forgotten that we have a life of our own. One that we can nurture and hone to be as awesome as we possibly can. But what do we do instead? We pay attention to the Kim Kardashian’s and the Rakhi Sawant’s of the world and find a way to line their extremely deep pockets with so much money that they are probably wiping their behinds with it.

As each decade has come and gone, there have been many that have filled this ubiquitous role. But I think this generation and these past few decades has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of depraved souls that worship at the altar of the internet celebrity. From the dark recesses of their mother’s basements, they scour the vast expanses of the worldwide web to throw themselves, head first, into the lives of the bimbos they ‘fan girl/boy’ over. And why do they do this? It is all to master the quest of who will be the first fan to glimpse that ever elusive shot of… another pair of shoes.

You’re probably thinking that with all of this angst I have towards the Kardashian’s and Sawant’s of the world and those that follow their every move, that I haven’t indulged in their particular brand of social retardedness. But that’s where you would be sooooooo wrong, my friend.

Because I am just as guilty as the rest. Want to know what I was doing half an hour ago? I was reading a Buzzfeed post titled ‘35 Times The Kardashians Were Unintentionally Funny’.

And I laughed. Oh, how I laughed. And then I wanted to punch myself for wasting another 10 minutes of my life on them.

See! That’s the thing! Even with the sanctimonious ‘word vomit’ situation I had going on up there, I caved! I indulged! I let myself go and crawled my way to the bottom of the pint-sized tub of cookie dough ice cream just because I wanted to. And because it felt so good!

So yes, even I, the level headed ‘I-willnever- succumb-to-peer-pressure-do-nowrong- holier-than-thou’ fool, fell prey to the mystical world of the Internet celebrity. And now that I’ve stuck a toe into the vast abyss of social drudgery, I am clinging onto the hope that, unlike the naïve Alice, I don’t fall head first down the topsy turvy rabbit hole that is the world of the wide web.