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The trick is in The Cure

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The Cure is a beauty and wellness lounge in Dubai Media City. I was fortunate to be invited for a free (yes, you got it right, free ☺) massage and therapy session. There are benefits to working in a media house after all!

As I entered the main boudoir of the Spa, I was greeted by the very courteous staff, and, after the initial registration formalities, was enticed into a pleasantly scented and delightfully cozy treatment room. I was served a glass of water that was infused with my favourite condiments, mint and lemon. It was a matter of minutes before I was comfortably ensconced under a warm silky comforter.

An attempt was made to explain to me the modalities of the “GAU SHA” treatment and how this was a facial massage but not a facial in itself. I was informed that the special tools that were to be used would help in improving the blood circulation and in relaxing my facial muscles as well as the tautness across my body. Not that I was focusing on what was being told to me. I was excitedly looking forward to an hour of relaxation at the hands of the expert and experienced masseuse. As the massage commenced, I found myself slowly drifting into a wonderful new world of calmness and relaxation. Before I completely lose the plot, I better get to the informative part of this review.

I learnt that the products used for the treatment of the skin were from Nimue, a premium French brand. At the outset, my face was cleansed using a cleansing gel followed by a toner that was used to remove dead cells from the skin. The masseuse then, using massage cream, which included essential oils, began the slow and precise massage. After this, special tools were used to heighten the relaxation of my facial muscles. These tools were of two types; one for the muscles of the neck and cheek and the other for the muscles of the softer lip and eyes. This procedure lasted for about 30 minutes.

Once my facial skin was warm and the pores had opened, a multi vitamin recovery mask was applied and kept on for ten minutes. While we waited for the mask to perform its magic, I was given a head massage which focused on key pressure points that helped me to relax my whole body. The recovery mask was softly removed using a warm cloth. The final segment of this elaborate procedure included the application of an eye serum around the eyes to bring about nourishment and hydration to the area.

I was advised, that in order to bring life back to aging tired facial skin, ten sessions of this treatment, once every week, are recommended and this is guaranteed to bring about excellent results. As I walked away, I did genuinely feel relaxed and my skin was glowing. I look forward to the remaining nine sessions that I have promised I would indulge myself with.

Sheetal Agarwal