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Do you always reach out for the ab-normal shampoo bottle too?
Let’s discover…


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Has it happened to you? While going down a supermarket aisle browsing through the toiletry section you come across your preferred brand of shampoo offering 5 different kinds of the same thing?

The packaging, look and feel of the bottle is absolutely identical, the only difference being the one word and the color, maybe at the bottom of the bottle or the cap or anywhere else. What amazes me is how that slight color difference ends up defining our choice of shampoo for weeks and sometimes even months to follow.

The red or pink is normally for colored hair, blue for anti-dandruff, red for sensitive hair, yellow for oily and so on. Then there is that one colorless bottle, which no one usually seems to touch because it says‘Normal’ hair.

It’s odd how anyone ranging from the age of 16 to 60 barely reaches out for that ‘normal’ bottle, because somehow we have all been made to believe that we obviously do not have normal hair! We live our lives believing that we have problematic hair or hair that needs that little extra treatment in our shampoo bottles and so we pick up anything except the normal one. The question now is: is there anyone out there who thinks they are normal!?

I remember growing up and always reaching out for the colored hair shampoo because pink was my favorite color and that bottle seemed the most attractive to me.

Even dry shampoos nowadays have come up with many options for problematic hair. A spray-in product that advertises


some of the same benefits as the wet goop you slather over your head.

In order to debunk the myth about the ‘normal’ shampoo phenomenon, I tested a few products just to see how much of a difference there really was.

I tested out three different brands including Clear (my all-time fav), Dove and Sunsilk. Full disclosure – I think my hair is quite normal, the only issue that I face has to do with dandruff, which seems to come and go depending on how hot or sticky the weather is in our lovely, perpetually sunny city.

Results with Clear: I used the color care variant for a week, followed by the normal variant for another. Quite honestly, it didn’t make much of a difference, not to the quality or texture of my dandruff problem. That’s when I realised that the base formulation of their shampoos is more or less the same and you can survive with the ‘normal’ shampoo bottle even if you have had several trips to the hairdresser


Results with Sunsilk: Sunsilk left me quite amazed. I used to use this brand religiously during my teenage years and then stopped as it seemed to be doing more damage than good. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sunsilk has completely revamped, in terms of quality and the look and feel of the shampoo. I tried their anti-hair fall variant and the one for normal hair and I was surprised to find that it did work! There was a definite difference in the rate of hair fall I experienced and it worked well for the overall texture of my hair too. Win win!


Results with Dove: With Dove, I tried out the ‘oily hair’ variant and the ‘normal hair’ one. The thing about this variant is that it can be slightly challenging sorting through all the products that are in the market for oily hair. When buying a shampoo to help treat and keep away the greasies, you want to look out for clear shampoos,
which are typically free of any additional conditioning ingredients that contribute to oiliness.

Dove completely stood up to the test as it did wonders for my oily scalp but the normal variant didn’t produce the same results.

Following my little experiment, I completely ditched the idea of buying treatment shampoo, unless of course I really do have an issue.

I think it’s safe to say, for most of the shampoos we have in the market, the normal variants make for great hair care treatment too.

Normal isn’t all that bad, so why not give it a try? Couldn’t hurt, right?