Weekday Date Night and the Weight Loss Tamasha

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Jaan it’s been a while since I’ve taken you out on a date”, says my husband of 16 years.

Okay, what have you done now, is my first thought. “I just want to spend some time with you, it’s been ages” he says as if reading my mind (or did I say that out loud?)

I carefully venture “Okay, how about Thursday?” “Let’s do Wednesday, Thursday is the semifinals na”, the reply comes.

Weekday date night? You know how rare that is? Rarer than the blue moon! I’m a mom, I work, we both start our day early, where is this coming from?!

But, I have bigger things to worry about – what do I wear? I mean, I have the clothes but it’s just that I was still carrying a little bit of the holiday weight gain (I know we are well into April). Last year was a big year for us; 15th anniversary, our son turned 10, so we had a few celebrations and a whole lot of travel, which resulted in me piling on a few extra kilos – nothing too earth shattering, BUT the last I checked, I couldn’t fit into a
beautiful tube dress 🙁

So after a special birthday celebration and two big fat Indian weddings, it was time to get serious. Eat clean and work out! I had been so good the whole month, I really watched what I ate, stepped up on the activity levels, I even had proof! All pictures of my meals were duly posted on social media and I checked in each time I went to the gym! I was on the right track – so do I wait till Wednesday (be extra good till then) and try the dress on then, or try it now and be miserable if I don’t fit into it? Inspired by my son I decided to go for it, because to quote him ‘You Only Live Once’.

The D day arrives! I stand in front of the mirror, dress in hand and a prayer on my lips. I slip into the dress and shut my eyes, carefully tugging the zip upwards. Oh My God! The worst had happened. t doesn’t budge anymore. Why is this happening to me? I was so good. I did all the right stuff; I can even substantiate my claims with the proof on social media. I’m not hungry, I feel fat, and I want to stay home. I hate this dress, I want to take it off!

Oh! What was that?

It was actually zipped to the top, which was why it didn’t budge. The relief! Okay, now let’s knock the socks off the hubby! I put my make up on, wear my heels and walk out the room and on sight, I am welcomed with an appreciative whistle by the hubby who goes on to say the 3 magic words “You’ve Lost Weight”.

I’m swooning! Isn’t he the nicest? My very own Prince Charming!

Feeling confident, we leave the house and after an appropriate number of pictures, we settle in for dinner. It’s a lovely place and the food is supposed to be really good. I’m starving!

The hubby excuses himself to do his “man business” and I use the time to scroll through the pictures to post on social media – eat that, you fat people – I’m ready to gloat! And then something catches my eye.

So in the latest weight loss “trend” sweeping social media, women (and men too, apparently) are boasting that they are paper thin by posting photographs of their waists behind a vertical piece of A4 paper (NO, NOT horizontally) with a hashtag #A4Waist, and it has invited hundreds of photos and thousands of comments.

A quick check tells me, a piece of A4 paper is 21 X 29.7cm and just like that, a night rarer than the blue moon comes to an end – even before it started. I’m not hungry, I feel fat and I want to go home!

Footnote – The author knows the reaction to the “trend” is senseless, as is the trend itself!