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Where’s the Spark?

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A survivors’ guide to the single life in Dubai

I just bid good bye to 2015, which consisted of a lot of terrible dates, hence the resolution to get better dates in the new year. 2016 has had a bit of a struggling start already. I’m getting sick of the cyclical nature of online dating so I’m going to be bidding adieu to that as well. As per ‘The Secret’, if you really want something badly, you put out that energy and those thoughts into the universe and you will achieve it soon enough. In my case, it’s as if all the other women are throwing their bad dates towards me and funnily enough the universe isn’t really helping.

However, with the resolution to think positive (meh), I accepted a fixed blind date to meet a friend of my girlfriend’s husband. I got a nice message and after a few exchanges, he suggested meeting for a drink at a famous watering hole. He was courteous in his messages (but then again, so are all the psychopaths in the beginning … ok stop, positive thoughts. Positive thoughts) and so, I accepted the offer.

So who is he? He’s English, my age, works in investments and plays a bit of golf on the side. So far, so good. I met him at the decided venue and was happy about the fact that he was punctual. Surprisingly, we got on really well, I could tell he was a bit nervous though. He later told me this was his first fix-up ever (I, on the other
hand, felt like a veteran when I heard those words). He was cute but I definitely didn’t feel that amazing sense of attraction towards him.

We seemed to be getting on pretty well. There weren’t any awkward silences or any need to get a friend to ‘rescue’ me. But at the same time, there wasn’t really any electricity or flirting either; we just had a pleasant time. At the end of the date, we said goodbye and that was that.

A few days had passed and I realized neither of us has spoken after the date. Not a great sign. I guess he didn’t feel a connection either. Having committed to being loyal to my new year plans, I texted saying ‘Hello’. (Fun fact- every time I write ‘Hello’, I find myself having an annoying itch to sing the remainder of Adele’s hit ingle…argh!) We had a bit of a conversation but it just sort of fizzled out. No texts since. I’m not bothered, he’s clearly not either, but it’s funny how you can get on so well with someone, but if there isn’t any ‘spark’, then it just won’t happen, no matter how nice they are.

The point of all this, is that I’m talking about ‘The Spark’ – that elusive deal maker or breaker that you can’t explain, you can’t quantify, but you either have it with a person or you don’t. On paper, this date should have been great and the guy was pretty attractive too; but that feeling just wasn’t there. You can put so much time and effort into a person before you really know them, and the pressure of a first date is immense; even if you don’t fancy each other when you meet, it’s hard to just be friends from that because the initial meeting was based on potential romance.

I think I’m going to alter my new year resolution list:

1. Lose weight
2. Think positive
3. Lose weight
4. Find that SPARK!!