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Your friendly neighbourhood stars

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The myth about star kids having an air about them is finally being debunked. Case in point: the bubbly Shraddha Kapoor and the charming Varun Dhawan who were in Dubai recently for the promotion of their latest film, ABCD 2. Not only are they modest and humble, but also extremely friendly and easy to talk to. Their genuine camaraderie and affection for one another was obvious to me within minutes of meeting them and their easy interactions blew me away.

In conversation with Nupur Jaisinghani.


On being asked about how his rapping experience was for the film, Varun laughs. “It was an impromptu thing that just happened with Sachin-Jigar. I went into the studio with a rough voice and sang my part over and over for about an hour. But the whole thing was just fantastic, it was really fun”.

As someone who hasn’t danced in any of her films until now, Shraddha was naturally nervous about playing a professional dancer in ABCD 2 and hopes she has done justice to her part. “To dance in front of legends like Prabhu Deva and Remo D’Souza was a challenge in itself and add to that, Varun who is a phenomenal dancer. I was extremely nervous but they have really helped me through the entire process”.

They were quick to praise the dancers in the film; Dharmesh and Punit among others. They credit a large part of their ability to portray professional dancers convincingly to the Fictitious Dance Group that is not only the inspiration for the story of ABCD 2 but have also choreographed a large part of the film’s dance sequences.


I had heard a story that when Varun and Shraddha were younger, Shraddha had a crush on him and actually confessed her love to him. And Varun’s response was to run away! I simply had to know more!. He started laughing and says “I was a little boy, I got scared. So what was I supposed to do? I ran to my mother!” Shraddha laughs as well and interjects “See? I was very forthright about my feelings even at that age!”. To that Varun was quick to add between laughs “But I have to say, after that, we held hands in an airplane once. Our moms were right there and we were hoping that they weren’t watching and I remember thinking Oh god, I love her”.


If given the chance, Varun would love to remake his father’s film Raja Babu. “I felt the story of that movie was just amazing. So yeah, I’d love to remake it. And also Shola aur Shabnam, another film I would love to remake”. Since the original Raja Babu was directed by David Dhawan and starred Shakti Kapoor, Shraddha would love to play the female Nandu. “I can be Nandi sabki bandi” she says with a laugh.